The Weekly Review — Issue 8

Hello and Happy New Year. This is my eighth weekly review, and it has been long overdue. I apologise for the lengthy absence. The weeks leading up to the festive holidays are always the busiest in a school. I focused my energy on completing what I needed to do with my work and got enough rest during my two-week break. What have been up to? My new website on Micro.Blog I have migrated my website to micro.

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08.01.2024 MON — Back to work I go.

Back to work As expected, I did not get the sleep I wanted last night. I felt it this morning as I woke up lightheaded. Work, itself, went better than I expected it. The students were not in, so we had a busy timetable of training courses throughout the day. Tomorrow is when the real work starts. I’m excited about my computing lesson because I am teaching the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

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07.01.2024 SUN — The Day before tomorrow.

The holiday is truly over. I spent three hours preparing work-related things for the next seven weeks. There was plenty of to do. It all got done, and I feel much better for knowing what I have in store for me going back to work. Still, I have those pre-work jitters where I know I won’t have undisturbed sleep. It happens every time I go back. I am excited to meet with my colleagues tomorrow morning.

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Time to donate blood again. This will be my tenth time and it is at the stadium of the football (soccer) club I support…Stockport County!

A real win-win situation.

06.01.2024 SAT — Back to normality

The holidays are over. It is that time when the holiday period is over. I go back to work on Monday. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my two-week break and the time with my family. Back to normality. I spent today with the usual dad duties of taking my son to his basketball game in the morning. It was an earlier one, too. The game started at 08:30, so I had to make sure I set off at 07:30.

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05.01.2024 FRI — YouTube and Blogging.

I made a YouTube video. I woke up early this morning because I could not sleep properly last night. I usually get myself in this state when I know I will be going back to work soon. It will soon be Monday. I made a post on Twitter and Mastodon to show how I organise my blog schedule in Apple Reminders before the new year. As I was wide awake at 5:00am, I thought why not, I’ll make a video about the process of linking Apple Notes with Apple Reminders.

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I randomly made a YouTube video to show off how I use Apple Notes and Reminders to organise my blogging content.

One Year Without Gaming 🎮

Quitting gaming helped me refocus my attention on creativity At the start of the 2023, I set out on a quest to remove gaming from my life completely. I, personally, had doubts about it being a success because gaming had been a considerable part of my life and identity (sadly). However, I knew I had a problem with working on my priority tasks over gaming. “One more go,” I would tell myself.

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04.01.2024 THU — Blogging and Ulysses hits a problem

Today, I managed to sit down and to write a blog that I plan to upload tomorrow. It is a post about my experience with not gaming for a year. I’ve kept it short (roughly five minutes to read). This post will be the first lengthy post of the year. I can’t believe it has been a year since I started to blog properly. In 2023, I managed to submit 63 posts on Medium.

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I have switched to VSCodium from MS Visual Studio Code. I have the same experience, but without the telemetry.

03.01.2024 WED — MicroJournal

Waffles and tablets Morning waffles This morning, I thought it would be a good idea to test out my son’s waffle maker he received for Christmas. I thought this was a great idea as his friend was over for a sleepover. Safe to say, the waffles went down a treat. A sugary one! I hadn’t realised how much vegetable oil went into making a waffle. Now I know why they have so many calories in them.

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02.01.2024 TUE — MicroJournal

Less, but better I started a deep dive read of Essentialism by Greg McKeown today. It is one of the books I want to read this year. The essence of the book focuses on reducing the number of things we say yes to, so we can focus on what is essential. In turn, we will become passionate and satisfied with what you value. Oh, and you will actually complete your goals.

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01.01.2024 MON — MicroJournal

The first day of the year is always the busiest. 📝 Like every year, I had plenty of commitments to carry out. Two parties and a massive clearcut of the house today. Since my self-imposed gaming ban at the start of 2023, I had been itching to play a game all year. Around the ten-month mark, I was tempted to give up and grab the controller. I resisted and kept my promise not to play any games for the following two months of the challenge.

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Happy New Year to everyone, wherever you are in the world!

Let 2024 be a great one to you all. 🎉🙏🏻

I created a Watch List page on my website under my About page. I need to populate it with some content. So far, I have added things I want to watch on Apple TV+.…

Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

I have been using Apple Reminders to organise and plan out my blog posts during the month of December. Each task title links to my blog post in Apple Notes. It gives me quick access to where I have saved the draft blog post. Using Apple Notes to collect my thoughts on a post is a great approach for me. Some posts take longer than others because I sometimes suffer from a bit of writer’s block.

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As 2023 comes to an end, I’ve had to add /24 to my bullet journal. Switching to an A5 BuJo was a great idea.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I’m sure it will be a productive one. There’s plenty to celebrate about this year and I am sure there will be next year.

My Field Notes is for work-related stuff. 📝

My website now has Tinylytics because I want to track what is being viewed. I love the ✌️emoji at the bottom of each post.

People can knock Apple Notes all they like. I find the app to be a great note-taking tool for my reading notes.

I can even add related articles, PDFs, images, sketches and link to other notes.

📚 Essentialism by Gregory McKeown is an interesting book.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to think clearly about their chooses.

Think: ‘I choose to’, not ‘I have to’.

Photo of Essentialism on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Image of the book Essentialism by Gregory McKeown.