Back to work

As expected, I did not get the sleep I wanted last night. I felt it this morning as I woke up lightheaded. Work, itself, went better than I expected it. The students were not in, so we had a busy timetable of training courses throughout the day.

Tomorrow is when the real work starts. I’m excited about my computing lesson because I am teaching the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. I will refresh my knowledge of both in the morning before the lesson starts.

A new approach to my iPhone Home Screen

Two things to report: I rearranged my Home Screen in a way I have never done so in the past, and two, I installed the Mail app.

New iPhone Home Screen configuration

I created two new folders in the dock. The first folder, called Write, has everything I use to write my blogs, journal, or record for work. The second folder, called iLife, has the most frequent Apple apps I use regularly.

I decided to install Apple Mail on my phone. I haven’t used an email client on my phone for years. Not only that, but I don’t want to get caught up with being communicated with via email. The reason behind it is my son’s bus service informs me when he has got on the bus and off it. I do not have work email on my phone. For a start, I am not allowed due to work policy. I also don’t want my work responsibilities creeping into my personal life.

I have no idea if these changes will work, but I want to give it a try.

Thanks for reading my post. 📝

This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

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