Here is a list of services, apps and recommendations from across the web.


The trusted Trio

  • Apple Calendar - all events for myself and family.
  • Apple Reminders - all my tasks and recurring responsibilities.
  • Apple Notes - personal note-taking and collection of receipts and manuals.

Productivity Central

  • Twos App - journaling, bookmarking & collection.
  • Craft Docs App - work documents and sharing teaching material.
  • Upnote - notes on coding and learning.
  • Apple Mail - for all email needs. I also have aliases with my iCloud mail.
  • Apple Pages - for documents, permanent copies of my blogs, and PDF creation.
  • Apple Numbers - for basic financial data and blogging content management.


  • Pixelmator Pro - media creation for blog and social media platforms.
  • Ulysses - writing and publishing to my personal blog and Medium.
  • Stoic App - journaling, meditation, breathing exercises and stoics quotes.
  • Visual Studio Code - used for coding. I’m currently learning web development and Python.
  • Apple Freeform - for planning out my blogs, ideas and projects.


Listened to through Apple Podcasts.

  • Diary of a CEO (Stephen Bartlett) - Link
  • The Financial Confessions (The Financial Diet) - Link
  • The Minimalists Podcast (Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus) - Link
  • The MacRumors Show (Hartley Charlton & Dan Barbera) - Link
  • Wellbeing-Driven Productivity (Martine Ellis) - Link
  • Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast (Marques Brownlee & Andrew Manganelli) - Link


My book collection is divided into what I want to read, what I am reading and what I have read. Click on any of the below links to view my collection.