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  • A brief look at how I use priorities and tags in TickTick

    ##Simple but effective use of TickTick keeps me on task. I have recently switched to TickTick from Apple Reminders due to accessibility issues on non-Apple devices and availability at work. All tasks added through Siri on my Apple Watch go into Apple Reminders and synchronise across to TickTick (a … read more

  • I managed to see the lunar halo around the moon this evening in Derbyshire, England. I thought people were joking when they said this was going to happen.

  • It wasn’t planned but I ended up putting up a few Christmas decorations after making a trip up into the loft today.

    At least it is one less job to do next week.

  • I’ve managed to reach 30 days and 11 trophies with Stoic app.

    Combining my journaling, meditation, breathing and stoics into one place has been the best decision for me.

    ** Less apps, more focus. **

  • Bullet journaling in 2023 is still going strong for me.

    I am aware people on YouTube and other social media platforms say the bullet journaling craze is over. For me, it will never go away. The approach to bullet journaling has changed my life for the better. I am consistent with my journaling. I didn’t want my bullet journal to be inundated with work … read more

  • I imported all Medium.com posts (57 in total), including all responses. 😱

    It is going to take some time clear it all up and fix the links. I thought the images would have come over, so I will need to upload them over the next two months. Let the fun begin!

  • Back to reading physical books

    I spent a week exploring ebooks on Apple Books. The experience was great and I enjoyed the reading challenge.

    However, there’s nothing like a physical book to take notes in.

  • It’s my first day on micro.blog and I am thoroughly impressed. Why I didn’t join earlier is beyond me. It is clearly the platform I have been looking for. Thank you. 🙏🏻

  • A Brief Introduction and Micro.Blog Aspiration

    Hi. My name is Mark. I work in the education sector within a SEMH setting (Social, Emotional and Mental Health). My background is in IT. I went to university in 2012 to retrain as a Primary teacher before settling with intervention teaching in a special educational setting by 2019. I live in England … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 7

    The Weekly Review — Issue 7 Tumblr Time! To be honest, not much has happened over the week. I am enjoying the second week of my holidays before I go back for what I am only describe as a challenging time at work. Tumblr Time! I caved in. I never had a reason to be on Tumblr, nor did I fully … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 6

    The Weekly Review — Issue 6 Goodbye to my social media norm Finally! It is that time of year when I get two weeks off from work. The perk of working in a school is the holidays. I can recharge my batteries, catch up with work commitments, follow personal interests and spend time with my family. … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 5

    The Weekly Review — Issue 5 Google has dropped the ball. I’m a day behind with releasing my post. I post on a Friday with a set format. This week is different. I spent most of this week poorly. So, I will be writing about what has gone on without the usual format. Escaping Google and YouTube I plan … read more

  • Once I read it had no pressure sensitivity, it was a big no from me.

    Once I read it had no pressure sensitivity, it was a big no from me. This feature is a favourite of mine, even in my notes app. read more

  • 🤞 Good luck

    🤞 Good luck read more

  • For me, my iPad is a big deal.

    For me, my iPad is a big deal. I use it as a device to record my ideas, write blogs, learn new things, read books, and it was used to set up my private tutoring side hustle. The Apple Pencil really made the iPad worth purchasing. read more

  • Thanks. I knew of the app but I wasn’t sure what it did. I enjoy using Stoic every day.

    Thanks. I knew of the app but I wasn’t sure what it did. I enjoy using Stoic every day. read more

  • You’re welcome. 😃

    You’re welcome. 😃 read more

  • That’s not good.

    That’s not good. I’ve seen other writers get the same message. This is going down the YouTube route. read more

  • I would love a iPhone mini-sized phone.

    I would love a iPhone mini-sized phone. Maybe Apple will release one in the future, even if it is an SE version. read more

  • Thank you.

    Thank you. I should have set my target higher. I was skeptical of Medium earning me money. I thought people will hundreds of posts were the only people earning money. I ended up with $120 by the end of the month. This month, it has barely touched $8. I’m not bothered about that. read more