A change to the Weekly Review

Well. That didn’t go as planned. I mean the one post each week. I messed up with my busy workload. Or did I? 

It’s been two weeks since I last sent out an issue. It was intentional. I have been reading a book called Essentialism by Gregory McKeown, and it has made me aware of what I am doing with my time. The last two weeks have been busy with returning to work and committing myself to family endeavours. As much as I would like to commit to a weekly review each week, I know the process will be too much to take on with the goals I have set out for myself. 

That’s why I will be changing my process and blog title for the future issues. I will be posting a mixture of weekly and fortnightly posts, depending on what I have captured each day. The new name will be the Reflections by CodeMacLife because that is what it is — reflections. A simple newsletter with my reflections alongside experiences, discoveries, and snippets I accumulate each week (or fortnight).


My goal of reading each day for thirty minutes is still going strong. I have managed twenty consecutive days of reading in Apple Books for a minimum of thirty minutes. I have two books on the go at the moment. The first is a re-read of the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, and the other is a book called Essentialism by Gregory McKeown. The latter has been on my ‘to read’ since I heard the book was coming out. I highly recommend the book. There have been many light bulb moments while reading it. 

In chapter 12, there is an important point of admitting failure to begin success. I guess admitting I can’t keep up with a weekly review shows I understand what is essential in my life right now. McKeown goes on to say, ‘Only when we admit we have made a mistake in committing to something can we make a mistake a part of our past’. It is critical to learn from our mistakes so we don’t make the same mistakes we made in the past.

I am guilty of not being able to stop my investment of time, money, and energy into something after committing myself. The truth is, I won’t enjoy publishing something I have put so little effort into. Quality over quantity any time. 


Another thing to come from the Essentialism book is the act of getting enough sleep to be productive. Again, I am guilty of staying up late to complete all my commitments for the day. 

I’ve heard people in the Bullet Journal community say they don’t enjoy migrating tasks to another day because it is time-consuming. It isn’t for me, as I always complete all the tasks I set myself out to complete each day. However, there is a real cost for this success.

I will not go to bed until each task is complete. It is an unhealthy practice. I guess I am focused (and super stubborn). I feel productive, but in reality, productivity is not about the quantity of tasks completed. Productivity is about efficiency. How can I be efficient if I am not getting enough sleep? My average bedtime sits between 22:30 and 00:00. I have to get up at 06:00 and be out of the house for work by 07:00. 

Recently, I have been waking up at random times at night (noticeably 02:35 and 04:30), so I know I am not getting quality sleep. 

From this past Saturday, I have forced myself to be in bed by 22:00. Saying yes to an earlier bedtime means I am saying no to plenty of opportunities to follow interests and goals this year. I want to focus on my health, not burn myself out in the quest for self-development. 

Say no to non-essential goals

Saying no is something I struggle with because I like to think I have a can-do attitude. I like to prove a point that I do anything I put my heart into. I haven’t disclosed what my goals are this year, but I will share two that I will not be following through with, in my quest to eliminate non-essential, trivial activities. 

  1. YouTube — I was planning of making a video version of this post and many other video ideas. I am not going to pursue this at all. If I make something, it will be out of sheer boredom (and probably unwatchable). 

Recording something is easy. Editing and posting is another story. I would rather not waste my time with it. As much as it sounds great to build a following and possibly earn something along the way, I do not have the time. 

  1. Writing an ebook — I have quietly been writing a book about digital minimalism. It is a side project with a collection of blogs, journal entries and advice. As much as I want to write it, there are many pressing matters to focus on this year. If I get an idea for the book, I will write them down and review this next year. For now, writing the book is not essential to me.

Published posts

What is essential is the app I wrote about this week. On the 16th January 2024, it was exactly 365 days since I created an account with Twos and started using the app that has kept me organised for the past year.

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The 4 Agreements: The Secret to Personal Freedom (Parker) — A summary from the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I like how the notes focuses on how to find freedom in yourself.

Saved articles

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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