Hello and Happy New Year. This is my eighth weekly review, and it has been long overdue. I apologise for the lengthy absence. The weeks leading up to the festive holidays are always the busiest in a school. I focused my energy on completing what I needed to do with my work and got enough rest during my two-week break.

What have been up to?

My new website on Micro.Blog

I have migrated my website to micro.blog and I love it. It is minimalist in design and features. Just perfect for what I need. At present, I have gone for the $5 per month entry to the service, but I can see myself extending to the premium service, which offers a newsletter service, posting short videos, and podcasting.

Another cool feature is the ability to bookmark articles and highlight the text, just like I can in the Kindle app or Apple Books. I want to give it a few months of using micro.blog before deciding on any further adjustments.

My site is already gaining traction. There’s at least a thousand visits to my site as of the time of writing this post. I like how Tinylytics records what countries are visiting my site. The selection is broader than I originally imagined.

Over 1000 visit to my site in two weeks.

If you click on the about page, it will have most of the important links on that page. Micro.blog also allows you to record what books you are reading, what you have read as well as what you want to read. The books I have can be fund linked on my page called The Bookmarks. This area also lists the apps and services I am currently using. Please check it out.

My buzz word for 2024 and social media commitments

You could call it a New Year’s resolution. Instead, I call it a buzz word. A word I want to focus my attention on. In 2024, I want my buzz word to be commitment.

What am I committing myself to?

I would like to ensure I post one Weekly Review each week. It wouldn’t be a weekly review if I didn’t post weekly, after all. This year, my post will come out on a Monday because it will give me time to proofread and edit over the weekend. I was finding the deadline of Friday difficult to achieve each week.

I am committed to posting to Twitter (X), Mastodon, Twos and Tumblr each day. (Click on the links to go to my profile on these sites.)

I want to at least post twenty-five quality posts on Medium. I achieved over sixty posts on Medium last year. Only twelve of them got any real viewership. Those were the post I had spent the most time writing. I want to reach that standard in 2024.

Other writing news

I set myself a challenge of completing a #100DaystoOffload where I journal for 100 days straight. To be honest, I plan to write and post something every day on my personal blog. I don’t think it will be anything Medium worthy, but enough to share with the public.

I created a new category on my website called Micro Journal. If you click on this link, you will be able to follow what I post each day (if you want to).

Posts I have written this week

Five days of NOTHING!

My Favourite Place

Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

One Year without Gaming

Other posts can be viewed on my website - https://codemaclife.com. These are similar to tweets or toots. All of my posts on Medium can be viewed on my website.

Twos on Two

Lessons from All in Startup book by CFitter

I have seen many clever ideas fail to take off because they do click with customers. I’m paraphrasing Michael Bublé here, but anyway, here goes - “If you your music doesn’t emotionally connect with your audience, you are going to be alone singing in your bathroom mirror”. The point I’m trying to make is there is no point creating something that no-one will buy into. Even now, I think Apple’s Vision Pro will be a flop. It looks impressive, but who actually needs it? The same could be said about crypto.

Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) by Parker

I’ve had this book on my radar for some time now. Parker was kind enough to share his notes about Elizabeth’s unique perspective on creativity. I haven’t read the book yet. However, I am aware EG covers inspiration for creativity. I am curious to see what is meant by ‘strange jewels’ that Elizabeth talks about.

Saved articles

Bookmarked Media

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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