The Weekly Review

    The Weekly Review — Issue 8

    Hello and Happy New Year. This is my eighth weekly review, and it has been long overdue. I apologise for the lengthy absence. The weeks leading up to the festive holidays are always the busiest in a school. I focused my energy on completing what I needed to do with my work and got enough rest during my two-week break.

    What have been up to?

    My new website on Micro.Blog

    I have migrated my website to and I love it. It is minimalist in design and features. Just perfect for what I need. At present, I have gone for the $5 per month entry to the service, but I can see myself extending to the premium service, which offers a newsletter service, posting short videos, and podcasting.

    Another cool feature is the ability to bookmark articles and highlight the text, just like I can in the Kindle app or Apple Books. I want to give it a few months of using before deciding on any further adjustments.

    My site is already gaining traction. There’s at least a thousand visits to my site as of the time of writing this post. I like how Tinylytics records what countries are visiting my site. The selection is broader than I originally imagined.

    Over 1000 visit to my site in two weeks.

    If you click on the about page, it will have most of the important links on that page. also allows you to record what books you are reading, what you have read as well as what you want to read. The books I have can be fund linked on my page called The Bookmarks. This area also lists the apps and services I am currently using. Please check it out.

    My buzz word for 2024 and social media commitments

    You could call it a New Year’s resolution. Instead, I call it a buzz word. A word I want to focus my attention on. In 2024, I want my buzz word to be commitment.

    What am I committing myself to?

    I would like to ensure I post one Weekly Review each week. It wouldn’t be a weekly review if I didn’t post weekly, after all. This year, my post will come out on a Monday because it will give me time to proofread and edit over the weekend. I was finding the deadline of Friday difficult to achieve each week.

    I am committed to posting to Twitter (X), Mastodon, Twos and Tumblr each day. (Click on the links to go to my profile on these sites.)

    I want to at least post twenty-five quality posts on Medium. I achieved over sixty posts on Medium last year. Only twelve of them got any real viewership. Those were the post I had spent the most time writing. I want to reach that standard in 2024.

    Other writing news

    I set myself a challenge of completing a #100DaystoOffload where I journal for 100 days straight. To be honest, I plan to write and post something every day on my personal blog. I don’t think it will be anything Medium worthy, but enough to share with the public.

    I created a new category on my website called Micro Journal. If you click on this link, you will be able to follow what I post each day (if you want to).

    Posts I have written this week

    Five days of NOTHING!

    My Favourite Place

    Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

    One Year without Gaming

    Other posts can be viewed on my website - These are similar to tweets or toots. All of my posts on Medium can be viewed on my website.

    Twos on Two

    Lessons from All in Startup book by CFitter

    I have seen many clever ideas fail to take off because they do click with customers. I’m paraphrasing Michael Bublé here, but anyway, here goes - “If you your music doesn’t emotionally connect with your audience, you are going to be alone singing in your bathroom mirror”. The point I’m trying to make is there is no point creating something that no-one will buy into. Even now, I think Apple’s Vision Pro will be a flop. It looks impressive, but who actually needs it? The same could be said about crypto.

    Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) by Parker

    I’ve had this book on my radar for some time now. Parker was kind enough to share his notes about Elizabeth’s unique perspective on creativity. I haven’t read the book yet. However, I am aware EG covers inspiration for creativity. I am curious to see what is meant by ‘strange jewels’ that Elizabeth talks about.

    Saved articles

    Bookmarked Media

    As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    The Weekly Review — Issue 7

    The Weekly Review — Issue 7

    Tumblr Time!

    To be honest, not much has happened over the week. I am enjoying the second week of my holidays before I go back for what I am only describe as a challenging time at work.

    Tumblr Time!

    I caved in. I never had a reason to be on Tumblr, nor did I fully understand the dynamics of Tumblr. Now I get it and it is fantastic! The place is a haven for fandom. I created my own blog/post area on Tumblr —, and it has everything I like about social media platforms. Sharing, reading, and reposting are easy to navigate.

    There is theme of stoicism and minimalism running through my Tumblr blog, including the posts I view on the site. I spent Wednesday doom-scrolling through Tumblr to see what was on offer. Hashtags are definitely the way to search for things on Tumblr. One thing I noticed was Tumblr does not have the negativity I once found on X / Twitter. It is simply people geeking out on their areas of interest. I would also like to point out that Tumblr has The Stoic Goat! This little Chappy delivers my daily dose of Stoic quotes.

    The Stoic Goat on Tumblr
    The Stoic Goat on Tumblr

    Changes to CodeMacLife blog

    Moving away from Tumblr (kind of), I have decided to make some drastic changes / cost-cutting. My webspace renewal expires at the end of this month (November 2023). I have been quoted £201 ($244) for my renewal with SiteGround, which is crazy. I’m on a mission to be more minimalist with my finances (hello, Mr Frugal). One of the choices I am looking into is pointing my domain,, to my Tumblr account. Although I won’t have “ownership” of my content, I will be saving money in the progress.

    I also own, which is tied into my email domain. I want to write my website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The idea is to create a website, host it on GitHub, and point the website to my .net domain. This website will host any projects I have created, so I can showcase my portfolio and social media links.

    I am hoping to have something up and running by the end of December.

    Resetting Twos

    I have used Twos for ten months now and a lot has been recorded in the app. As I have been learning, adapting and realigning my understanding of what Twos can do for me, I noticed my information (technically things) were all over the show. I did something drastic…

    I made a backup of my data in Twos, making sure the data was readable in another app. Then, I went through and deleted everything. And I mean everything, including lists, tags, and calendar entries.

    This wasn’t me getting rid of the service. I felt a clean slate with greater knowledge of Twos would help me take ownership of what I wanted from Twos.

    With a blank slate, I have been able to restructure how I want the Twos app to look. It operates differently now. My previous data is in Apple Notes for easy retrieval. I am sure some of it will get added to Twos in the near future. I guess this is the minimalist in me, wanting to keep everything as clean as possible.

    Where are all my connected dots? Time two fix that!
    Where are all my connected dots? Time two fix that!

    Joe and Parker, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t panic!

    If you are interested in using the Twos app for calendar, tasks, notes, referencing, bookmarks, etc, please consider using my referral code ‘codemaclife’ to again an extra 200 coins for Pro features.

    Posts I have written this week

    1. This post that you’re reading
    2. Several posts on Mastodon
    3. A handful of posts and something about using the Bullet Journaling method on Tumblr.
    BuJo post on Tumblr talks about how I use the Bullet Journaling system right now.
    BuJo post on Tumblr talks about how I use the Bullet Journaling system right now.

    Twos on Two

    9 of the best ways to love yourself: by TwosJoe

    I am guilty of not appreciating myself, even when others say nice things about me.

    It reminds me of a quote I cited on Tumblr this week about suffering more in our imagination than in reality (I’m deeply paraphrasing here). I think drowning yourself in affirmations can help with any lingering self-doubt.

    The Power of Now by IanWilly

    The Power of Now was a book I read back in 2012 when I was studying education at university. I did take notes because that was not my thing at the time for anything outside uni studies. User IanWilly has kindly made notes from the 256-paged book, which I need to reread before the end of the year.

    Saved Articles

    9 Signs Toxic Productivity Is Impacting Your Life — Charlotte Hilton Andersen at The Healthy

    A lot of this resonates with myself. For too long, I thought I had to get a lot done within the 20 hours I stayed up each day. Four hours of sleep, 40 minutes allowed for eating (speed eating), and the rest being ‘productive’. The part that made me feel guilty was reading about downtime causing anxiety. I would make myself ill by thinking I should be doing something ‘productive’ with my down time. Now I prioritise sleeping, getting fresh air, exercise, less screen time, breathing exercises, meditation, and reading for pleasure.

    9 Breathing Exercises to Relieve Anxiety — Sheryl Ankrom, MS, LCPC (VeryWellMind)

    I have become increasingly aware of breathing exercises throughout the past three years or so. Using the Stoic app for breathing has introduced me to a few new ones as well as prompting me to focus on my breathing more often. Even to this day, I struggle with the alternate-nostril breathing. It is not glamorous in the slightest, but I use a press into my alternate nostril to achieve this one. I’ll get there one day.

    Media Bookmarked

    Land of the Giants — The Twitter Fantasy | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

    As expected, the Twitter Fantasy podcast episodes are great. Land of the Giants is an informative show. This season is no different. It has made me realise how bad Twitter has always been due to trolling and misinformation. I wish it could be different because I did have many positive connections on the platform. Unfortunately, the platform had become riddled with negativity and division.

    Lofi Girl on Rumble

    LoFi music is one of my favourite genres of music to listen to when writing or studying. I was worried when I quit YouTube that I would miss out on Lofi Girl’s YT channel because the beats are perfect. Rumble does it again. I’m discovering more reasons to use the video sharing platform.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    The Weekly Review — Issue 6

    The Weekly Review — Issue 6

    Goodbye to my social media norm

    Finally! It is that time of year when I get two weeks off from work. The perk of working in a school is the holidays. I can recharge my batteries, catch up with work commitments, follow personal interests and spend time with my family.

    Getting rid of some social media platforms…again

    I feel this is an ongoing carousel of me joining a social media platform and deleting it. I need to keep to my principles and move on. Yesterday, I decided to delete my X/Twitter, Instagram and Threads accounts.

    I don’t want to go into it with much detail because I have previously written about my issues in the past. Yet, I keep coming back. Let’s face it — Twitter is a mess. A big, ugly mess to say the least. I have no time for the circus that Elon Musk has created. There is less value in the service, increased advertisement exposure, and questionable content moderation.

    As previously mentioned in another post, I still don’t understand Instagram. I thought Threads was going to be the answer. Unfortunately, Threads is like posting in a personal journal. Absolutely no interaction whatsoever.

    I’m sticking with Mastodon via AllThingsTech. I also have Twos World through the Twos App.

    The weird experience of no YouTube viewing

    In my previous Weekly Review (Issue 5), I went on about my dislike for Google and how I was boycotting their products. I have to say that this week has been weird without YouTube. Dare I say — I miss the platform. It was the go-to place for quick informative discussion on a products, services, and ideas. I’m still sticking to my guns on this one. No YT for me.

    With the absence of YouTube, I have found myself reading more and exploring other avenues, such as listening to music and podcasts. I have discovered an alternative to YouTube called Rumble. It is by no means a true substitute for YT, but I feel it has some offerings I appreciate. More about Rumble in the Media Bookmarked section.

    Apple Books is better than I thought

    I just want to put this across right now — Apple Books has a habit tracker that encouraged me to read more.

    Track your reading habits in Apple Books
    Track your reading habits in Apple Books

    I was looking into the price differences between Apple Books and Amazon after I received an email to say the Amazon Kindle app was ending their support for Mac. It was not a real issue because I tend to read on my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. However, there are times when I want to read my highlights and notes, which makes the Mac app a perfect companion. It’s annoying that the Mac app is being discontinued, but it is no big deal. I’m sure others would claim otherwise.

    Homepage with recommendations and what to read next.
    Homepage with recommendations and what to read next.

    Amazon plans to replace the current Kindle for Mac with a new and improved app sometime in the future.

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of using Apple Books sooner. I can access the service through my Apple iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. It synchronises my progress and collection seamlessly. I have two audiobooks and a collection of books on there.

    I noticed a lot of the books I wanted to buy were cheaper than what was on offer through Amazon’s website, both physical and digital.

    The highlighting and note-taking experience feels better for me. I like how I can quickly see all notes and highlights in a view I prefer over the Kindle. There is a section for read books, including a timeline of when I had completed the book. Adding a book review is easier to complete through the app, too.

    The whole experience in Apple Books feels cleaner, intuitive, and faster than the Kindle experience.

    Saved Articles

    Altruism: Examples and How to Practice It

    Altruism, a selfless act, has been on my radar for the past year after a discussion at work about how it can be emotionally draining. Helping others with their problems is noble, but there are consequences for your actions. You have to be careful of the impact it can have on yourself as you take on their emotional baggage. There are many ways to be altruistic without putting yourself out. This article talks about the different approaches to altruism.

    Stoicism 5.0: The unlikely 21st century reboot of an ancient philosophy

    This is an old article, but it talks about stoicism in a world of cynicism. I won’t paraphrase the article. Simple put — there are some things we can control and others that we can’t control. We need to be careful of the mental energy we use through the application of rational thought. It’s worth a read.

    Media Bookmarked

    This section was previously called YouTube bookmarked. In the event of my Google boycott, I decided to have this area for an all-encompassing place of media. I want to be more inclusive with what I consume and find interesting.

    The Land of Giants podcast

    I have been a fan of the Land of Giants podcast for some time now, ever since the first season that featured the rise of Amazon and Jeff Bezos’ success. Season 5 on The Apple Revolution is a particular favourite of mine.

    I have finished Season 8, which covers Tesla. It has a good insight into how Elon Musk runs his businesses, and subsequently became the final push for me to delete X/Twitter. I don’t want anything to do with him and his practices.

    Ironically, I have started Season 9, which will run through the timeline of Twitter. Listening to the trailer and burb for the season, I see it will bring up the demise of Twitter through the hands of Elon Musk. This is certainly going to be a popcorn season for sure.

    Rumble (Video sharing service)

    I had never heard of the YouTube alternative before. It was only when I heard a news clip on the radio mention Russel Brand on Rumble that I thought I would see what it was all about. I knew about 9Gag, Bitchute, Dailymotion, etc. Those felt more geared towards the American audience. I’m not saying anything American is bad. Simply put, I have no interest in your politics and division. Britain has enough of this itself.

    Anyway, Rumble offers similar to the others mentioned above, plus the live-streaming of LoFi music, news, categories and less intrusive adverts ( if any). Using the browse button, you can find a nice selection of categories to choose from.

    Browse area on Rumble
    Browse area on Rumble

    Rumble doesn’t have the quality videos that you would find on YouTube. The platform reminds me of the early days of YouTube, with amateur content prevailing. There are some YouTubers who have started to upload their content on Rumble as well as YouTube, so I think this might draw others onto the platform.

    I’m not at the point of creating anything just yet. However, I can see myself creating content on Rumble in the future.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post. It means the world to me.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    The Weekly Review — Issue 5

    The Weekly Review — Issue 5

    Google has dropped the ball.

    I’m a day behind with releasing my post. I post on a Friday with a set format. This week is different. I spent most of this week poorly. So, I will be writing about what has gone on without the usual format.

    Escaping Google and YouTube

    I plan to have a separate post for this adventure, but I thought I would mention it here. Yes. I am still annoyed by all the services Google has killed off in the past year. Stadia, Google Domains, Podcasts, and Jamboard to name a few.

    As a Chromebook and Google Workspace user, I had a good setup to manage all of my needs, personally and professionally. Then, Google started killing off services one by one.

    This week, Google’s very own YouTube service started blocking access to browsers and extensions that blocked their ads. I get it. They need to make money, but the approach of forcing people to their premium subscription seems like a desperate move. I’m not willing to sacrifice my privacy and be subjected to frustrating adverts. I refuse to remove or disable my ad blocker for them. Therefore, I refuse to use YouTube.

    On top of all the advert drama, a dispute between two YouTubers, SSSniperwolf and Jacksfilms, made headlines when SSSniperwolf (Alia Shelesh) doxxed Jacksfilms (Jack Douglass) by turning up to his house, sharing it with her 5.6 million followers on Instagram, and challenging him to come out. The potential outcome and danger to Jack is unimaginable. I’ve already read how people have had SWAT teams turn up to their homes over online disputes. This is an ugly thing to go through.

    YouTube’s response? It took a week for them to say SSSniperwolf would be temporarily demonetised. Their post on Twitter even said both were at fault. I don’t see how Jack was at fault here. He criticised her content for stealing. However, there was no harm done. YouTube, rightly so, were criticised for their poor response. It is clear to see they don’t want their cash cow, SSSniperwolf, to lose any money through the whole drama. Either way, I am less than impressed.

    I feel Google is losing it. Their services are disappearing and some feel neglected. I’m sure Sundar Pichai is a lovely person. But is he the right person for the job? I have lost my trust and respect for Google. I have no idea what their vision is! I’m not particularly happy that I have to migrate hundreds of Jamboard files to other services. There will be plenty of other teachers out there who feel the same.

    As a customer, I don’t feel Google is doing enough for the company. I have taken the decision to move completely away from Google products as much as possible. I am in the middle of taking out all my data from Google Workspace. Furthermore, I will unsubscribe, delete my data and move most of my content to iCloud.

    Goodbye YouTube
    Goodbye YouTube

    I have already deleted all of my YouTube videos, migrated Google Workspace data, and my emails have been moved elsewhere. Accounts linked to Gmail are currently being transferred to other email addresses. My next stop will be to get rid of all of my Google Nest Mini/Hubs dotted around my home.

    The Google Nests are going!
    The Google Nests are going!

    Now, I know I can’t get away from them completely. I have services that use Google’s Firebase for synchronisation and data storage. Even Apple uses their service for iCloud backup. It would also mean deleting services I use, such as Twos App and Upnote. Would that be too drastic to go down that route?

    A different challenge at work

    Over the past two weeks, I have taken on the responsibility of teaching high school students computing. I am primary trained in teaching (5 to 11-year-olds), so teaching high school students (11–16-year-olds) was a new challenge to me. It was an exciting one, in fact. I did it and enjoyed every moment.

    I was recovering from an illness, which made each day a challenge in itself. Not only that, but I would have written more content and uploaded daily in my 100 Days of Code challenge. However, I wanted to reserve my energy by getting early nights. I got more than one hour each day of coding experience as I taught computing.

    The gaming twitch

    I mentioned at the start of the year I was going to quit gaming for a year. I am at the ten-month mark. I am relishing the idea of gaming again in two months. It has been a demanding challenge to say the least. I hadn’t really thought about it until recently when my son said he wanted a new Xbox Series X for Christmas. In addition, some seriously cool-looking games have come out, such as Super Mario Bros Wonder and Sonic Superheroes.

    I am seriously tempted right now to get back online. I know I can’t, but I like the idea of passively wasting my time on gaming because my current pastime activities are starting to bore me.

    I mentioned in my seven-month update to the challenge I would stick to learning/puzzle games after the twelve months were up. I want to keep it that way. However, I am starting to think it is a little extreme, even if I have seen massive improvements to my life since I quit gaming.


    Like I said, there are no links, videos, or anything from Twos this week. It has been a busy one. I want to recover from whatever I can down with and enjoy the two weeks I have off with my family. I might even have time to write a blog post in greater detail for next Friday.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    The Weekly Review — Issue 4

    The Weekly Review — Issue 4

    Coding, social media and Stoic app reflection

    It has been a busy week at work. I took on the role of teaching computing to Year 7 to 11 (11 to 16 year olds) as the current computing lead was off. As a primary trained teacher (5–11 year olds), I had little experience teaching the older students. It has been a great experience. I’m teaching the older students next week before having a two-week break.

    Other than teaching, planning and assessment, very little time has been given to anything outside my job. However, three areas of interest have diverted my attention away from my job.


    As mentioned in my previous weekly review, I have been learning to code through web development and Python. I have been coding each evening. At school, the current job role involves coding and teaching students for four hours each day. I am getting more practice than I could have imagined.

    Admittedly, I haven’t posted in the past three days for my 100 Days of Code challenge because my workload, family commitments and well-being have taken priority over blogging.

    I will most likely lump the three days into one and post when I have time today. There’s a lot to take in with all this learning, but I love every moment of it.

    Social media

    Social media and mainstream media has looked a lot different this past week. I thought I would get anyway from writing about this, but I think a silent voice is not the solution. Like Fred Korematsu once said,


    The atrocities happening in the Middle East have set humanity back. It is so hard to see what is happening. As someone who works with children, I despise what is happening to them. Hate will only grow hate. I know how impressionable children are. I have a first-class honours degree in pedagogy, after all.

    Social media, particularly X/Twitter, has been a haven for toxic name-calling and disinformation. Elon Musk must be able to read the room. Surely, he can see the wrongs of those who want to spread hate. I’m all for freedom of speech. However, I think the threats of violence and promotion of hatred should not be promoted anonymously online.

    The images, videos, comments, and links shared on X while scrolling through some posts about coding have been the worse I have seen on the platform. The platform is falling apart.

    My school, just like thousands around the world, teaches our students to be respectable digital citizens, who think carefully about what they put online. Then, I go online and see ADULTS post everything we teach our students not to post. Why is it that young students can behave more respectfully than the adults around them?

    Anyway, I have taken the stance, in pure protest, to not use X/Twitter until they have adequate moderation. It won’t stop the hate, but it will make the platform semi-respectable. I do not accept the disinformation, AI-generated images, and hatred seen this week.

    I do apologise for the sober post (a very British thing to say). It had to be said.

    Stoic app reflection

    Now. On to something positive. I have spent this past week using an app/service called Stoic. It has been on my radar for a year now.

    When I was looking at journaling apps, Stoic was in my top five choices, alongside Day One journaling app. I had watched some videos about the app, but ultimately, went with Day One for my journaling.

    I watched a video about guided journaling, which I didn’t know was a real thing. It turns out, guided journaling is the best thing to have happened to me this year (in the writing sense).

    The aesthetics of Stoic drew my attention from the start. The contrasting colours and typography is precisely my style. I love the minimalistic approach. Stoic is far from minimalistic in what it offers. It has an abundance of features and curated content to guide you through nurturing a mindful approach to life.

    I have loved every moment of using Stoic this week. I won’t go into everything Stoic offers here. The app needs its individual post.

    Stoic is an Apple-centric service that works across all the devices I have used it on, including the Apple Watch.

    An Introduction to journaling
    An Introduction to journaling

    Stoic offers more than a guided journaling experience. You can write freeform, input your mood, read quotes (and respond), and meditate, both guided and unguided. They even have a collection of breathing exercises.

    On my Apple Watch, I have been able to access my mood/emotions tracker, read inspiring quotes, practice breathing, and run unguided meditation practices.

    Start each morning and evening with a reflective journal entry.
    Start each morning and evening with a reflective journal entry.

    I start each day with a guided journal entry, which asks me to track my mood, ask what is causing these feelings and ask a series of three questions to dive deeper into my feelings.

    What I like about the app is it asks questions I would never have thought about independently. They ask the right questions, even if they can be uncomfortable to answer. I feel more reflective in what I enter each day. I simply don’t assume. It is good to analyse what is going on in my life, especially with the changes I have been experiencing recently.

    Quotes are the new social media
    Quotes are the new social media

    I genuinely believe the quotes feature could be the new social media replacement for numerous people. Just like any social media app, you can scroll through inspiring and thought-provoking quotes. And just like any social media app, you can respond to them with your thoughts and impressions.

    I reckon you could replace all social media apps on your phone with Stoic and feel you have a voice. Read — Reflect — Respond — Rest.

    The Stoic app is subscription-based. I feel it is worth every penny (or dollar) for what it has to offer. It is definitely worth trying out the 7-day trial for yourself.

    What is happening to Day One? Well, I still use Day One for daily entries. They come as freeform with photos. Even though Stoic offers photos and sketches in the journaling app, I feel Day One was a better navigation UI for easy access. Stoic feels more like the weekly view in the Twos app.

    Meditate with Stoic
    Meditate with Stoic

    Learn more about Stoic on their website —

    Twos on Two

    Program Design (in Scratch) by Andreia

    I teach Scratch at my school and love to see examples of it in the wild. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I love learning new things in Scratch. I have one game posted on Scratch’s platform and four other projects unpublished for completion.

    The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday by Parker

    There appears to be a running theme of Stoicism this week. I’ll leave you with these quotes. The Stoic app has many other quotes by Marcus Aurelius and Aulus Gellius fyi.

    Saved Articles

    Discourses by Epictetus: A Stoic Summary on

    What Is Stoicism? A Definition & 9 Stoic Exercises To Get You Started on The Daily Stoic.

    YouTube bookmarked

    The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown on TED

    I won’t put thoughts into your head. Just watch this. Living outside our comfort zone leads to greatness.

    Stoic: Guided Journaling and Mental Exercise App — Review by More Productive

    Charlotte offers her personal view on the Stoic app. It is one of the videos that pushed me towards trying out the app for myself.

    Thank you for reading my weekly review. Coming back next Friday for more updates.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    The Weekly Review — Issue 1

    The Weekly Review — Issue 1

    Apple updates, Medium earnings and why I won’t be buying the iPhone 15

    This week, I have been looking at different ways of sharing what I have collected over the past week and putting into a weekly post format. I looked at all the newsletter options as well as the blogging route.

    I decided to settle with the blogging route for now. Each Friday, I will upload a journal-style post with bits I have gathered from the internet — tweets, YouTube videos, software, including life events, and much more. This will be my first issue.

    Medium earnings

    I signed up for Medium’s Partner program 28 days ago. In my first post, I mentioned how I wanted to earn enough to pay for my Medium and Ulysses subscription. It was a small target, but a target I felt was worth aspiring to if I wanted to maintain the outgoings of my adventure. It took only 26 days to hit that target. I am absolutely stunned by how quickly it took to reach my goal.

    Furthermore, I am blown back by the number of people who took the time to read my content. The claps and comments are the icing on top. I appreciate you all. Thank you. Seriously, it means the world to me. To think, I was worried that no one would bother reading anything I wrote. I had put off the idea of blogging for nine years because I was anxious about being rejected.

    Apple updates

    This is a big week for Apple. They released new iPhones, Apple Watch and OS updates. My iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch updated without any issues. However, I have noticed my Apple Watch SE is going through more battery than when it was on watchOS 9. By 10PM, I would have 41% remaining battery level. Now it is draining down to 26% by the same time. This is a small price for all the cool features in the recent update. I appreciate the cosmetic changes.

    Finally! I was anticipating iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 because I wanted to have note linking in Apple Notes. The new feature is remarkable. I can link my notes easily with cmd+k. Unfortunately, links appear as ellipses on the macOS version of Apple Notes. I will have to wait until 26th September for macOS Sonoma to come out.

    I’ve been busy making stickers on my iPhone. It’s a little cheesy to have personal stickers, but I can see how there are plenty of creative opportunities in the process.

    Why I won’t be buying the iPhone 15

    As much as I like the look of the iPhone 15 and Pro version, I don’t think Apple did enough to tempt me away from my trusted iPhone 12. I don’t game or run social media apps on my phone. The advantage of this is I don’t need an updated processor to run the latest and greatest. I stick with the stock applications as much as I can, which run smoothly on my phone.

    I think an iPhone 15 mini would have caught my attention. Apple appears to have given up on the idea of having a mini in their product line. It’s a shame. I prefer smaller phones.

    USB-C and a better camera is great. It isn’t enough for me to make the switch. Maybe the iPhone 16 will be enough? I try to stick with my phone until Apple stops supporting the phone altogether. Furthermore, I am not a fan of the new iPhone 15 colours. Has Apple run out of colour? They look washed out. I miss the days of the iPhone 5C — I loved mine in blue!

    I had seen online (mostly on X) that there were arguments for a higher screen refresh rate than 60Hz on the iPhone 15. To be honest, I have never seen or experienced 90Hz or 120Hz, so I don’t know what I am missing. I am clueless to know what the difference it makes to the application experience. Hopefully, I will get time to go out and try a phone with a high refresh rate in the near future.

    Posted this week

    This week I posted two blogs. I talk about how I manage my emails and why the Day One journal app has helped me journal consistently.

    1. How I use email as a Digital Minimalist
    2. 100 Days of Day One journaling app | Reflection

    Two on Twos

    Two posts that inspired me this week.

    Nino shared his tips for using the Twos App, as well as some cool pointers for applying AI/ChatGPT. Admiringly, I am new to AI, so this post is helpful for me to learn some cool tricks available.

    Secondly, Jedda shared her adventure at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt event. It’s nice to see Twos get the attention it deserves. I am yet to get myself to America, but it is on my list of places to go. Great job, Jedda!

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