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The Weekly Review

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 7

    The Weekly Review — Issue 7 Tumblr Time! To be honest, not much has happened over the week. I am enjoying the second week of my holidays before I go back for what I am only describe as a challenging time at work. Tumblr Time! I caved in. I never had a reason to be on Tumblr, nor did I fully … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 6

    The Weekly Review — Issue 6 Goodbye to my social media norm Finally! It is that time of year when I get two weeks off from work. The perk of working in a school is the holidays. I can recharge my batteries, catch up with work commitments, follow personal interests and spend time with my family. … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 5

    The Weekly Review — Issue 5 Google has dropped the ball. I’m a day behind with releasing my post. I post on a Friday with a set format. This week is different. I spent most of this week poorly. So, I will be writing about what has gone on without the usual format. Escaping Google and YouTube I plan … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 4

    The Weekly Review — Issue 4 Coding, social media and Stoic app reflection It has been a busy week at work. I took on the role of teaching computing to Year 7 to 11 (11 to 16 year olds) as the current computing lead was off. As a primary trained teacher (5–11 year olds), I had little experience … read more

  • The Weekly Review — Issue 1

    The Weekly Review — Issue 1 Apple updates, Medium earnings and why I won’t be buying the iPhone 15 This week, I have been looking at different ways of sharing what I have collected over the past week and putting into a weekly post format. I looked at all the newsletter options as well as the … read more