The Weekly Review — Issue 7

Tumblr Time!

To be honest, not much has happened over the week. I am enjoying the second week of my holidays before I go back for what I am only describe as a challenging time at work.

Tumblr Time!

I caved in. I never had a reason to be on Tumblr, nor did I fully understand the dynamics of Tumblr. Now I get it and it is fantastic! The place is a haven for fandom. I created my own blog/post area on Tumblr —, and it has everything I like about social media platforms. Sharing, reading, and reposting are easy to navigate.

There is theme of stoicism and minimalism running through my Tumblr blog, including the posts I view on the site. I spent Wednesday doom-scrolling through Tumblr to see what was on offer. Hashtags are definitely the way to search for things on Tumblr. One thing I noticed was Tumblr does not have the negativity I once found on X / Twitter. It is simply people geeking out on their areas of interest. I would also like to point out that Tumblr has The Stoic Goat! This little Chappy delivers my daily dose of Stoic quotes.

The Stoic Goat on Tumblr
The Stoic Goat on Tumblr

Changes to CodeMacLife blog

Moving away from Tumblr (kind of), I have decided to make some drastic changes / cost-cutting. My webspace renewal expires at the end of this month (November 2023). I have been quoted £201 ($244) for my renewal with SiteGround, which is crazy. I’m on a mission to be more minimalist with my finances (hello, Mr Frugal). One of the choices I am looking into is pointing my domain,, to my Tumblr account. Although I won’t have “ownership” of my content, I will be saving money in the progress.

I also own, which is tied into my email domain. I want to write my website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The idea is to create a website, host it on GitHub, and point the website to my .net domain. This website will host any projects I have created, so I can showcase my portfolio and social media links.

I am hoping to have something up and running by the end of December.

Resetting Twos

I have used Twos for ten months now and a lot has been recorded in the app. As I have been learning, adapting and realigning my understanding of what Twos can do for me, I noticed my information (technically things) were all over the show. I did something drastic…

I made a backup of my data in Twos, making sure the data was readable in another app. Then, I went through and deleted everything. And I mean everything, including lists, tags, and calendar entries.

This wasn’t me getting rid of the service. I felt a clean slate with greater knowledge of Twos would help me take ownership of what I wanted from Twos.

With a blank slate, I have been able to restructure how I want the Twos app to look. It operates differently now. My previous data is in Apple Notes for easy retrieval. I am sure some of it will get added to Twos in the near future. I guess this is the minimalist in me, wanting to keep everything as clean as possible.

Where are all my connected dots? Time two fix that!
Where are all my connected dots? Time two fix that!

Joe and Parker, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t panic!

If you are interested in using the Twos app for calendar, tasks, notes, referencing, bookmarks, etc, please consider using my referral code ‘codemaclife’ to again an extra 200 coins for Pro features.

Posts I have written this week

  1. This post that you’re reading
  2. Several posts on Mastodon
  3. A handful of posts and something about using the Bullet Journaling method on Tumblr.
BuJo post on Tumblr talks about how I use the Bullet Journaling system right now.
BuJo post on Tumblr talks about how I use the Bullet Journaling system right now.

Twos on Two

9 of the best ways to love yourself: by TwosJoe

I am guilty of not appreciating myself, even when others say nice things about me.

It reminds me of a quote I cited on Tumblr this week about suffering more in our imagination than in reality (I’m deeply paraphrasing here). I think drowning yourself in affirmations can help with any lingering self-doubt.

The Power of Now by IanWilly

The Power of Now was a book I read back in 2012 when I was studying education at university. I did take notes because that was not my thing at the time for anything outside uni studies. User IanWilly has kindly made notes from the 256-paged book, which I need to reread before the end of the year.

Saved Articles

9 Signs Toxic Productivity Is Impacting Your Life — Charlotte Hilton Andersen at The Healthy

A lot of this resonates with myself. For too long, I thought I had to get a lot done within the 20 hours I stayed up each day. Four hours of sleep, 40 minutes allowed for eating (speed eating), and the rest being ‘productive’. The part that made me feel guilty was reading about downtime causing anxiety. I would make myself ill by thinking I should be doing something ‘productive’ with my down time. Now I prioritise sleeping, getting fresh air, exercise, less screen time, breathing exercises, meditation, and reading for pleasure.

9 Breathing Exercises to Relieve Anxiety — Sheryl Ankrom, MS, LCPC (VeryWellMind)

I have become increasingly aware of breathing exercises throughout the past three years or so. Using the Stoic app for breathing has introduced me to a few new ones as well as prompting me to focus on my breathing more often. Even to this day, I struggle with the alternate-nostril breathing. It is not glamorous in the slightest, but I use a press into my alternate nostril to achieve this one. I’ll get there one day.

Media Bookmarked

Land of the Giants — The Twitter Fantasy | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

As expected, the Twitter Fantasy podcast episodes are great. Land of the Giants is an informative show. This season is no different. It has made me realise how bad Twitter has always been due to trolling and misinformation. I wish it could be different because I did have many positive connections on the platform. Unfortunately, the platform had become riddled with negativity and division.

Lofi Girl on Rumble

LoFi music is one of my favourite genres of music to listen to when writing or studying. I was worried when I quit YouTube that I would miss out on Lofi Girl’s YT channel because the beats are perfect. Rumble does it again. I’m discovering more reasons to use the video sharing platform.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

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