Ulysses has a problem

Today, I managed to sit down and to write a blog that I plan to upload tomorrow. It is a post about my experience with not gaming for a year. I’ve kept it short (roughly five minutes to read). This post will be the first lengthy post of the year. I can’t believe it has been a year since I started to blog properly. In 2023, I managed to submit 63 posts on Medium.

Here is my Medium link 👉 @CodeMacLIfe on Medium.

Talking about Medium. I noticed an issue with uploading to Medium from the Ulysses app for Mac. I thought it was my internet connection because I had been having issues with my broadband provider recently.

It turns out it is a Medium API issue with Ulysses. I’m not the only one to notice the problem. A fellow Blighty, Lewis Doyle, pointed out the same issue and reported that Medium had a problem. I paid the annual subscription for Ulysses, so I can’t cancel to get a refund. I would cancel because I went with the app as it uploaded to Medium. Fingers crossed the issue is fixed as soon as possible. If not, I might start looking at other options out there, including iA Writer.

Thanks for reading my post. 📝

This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

Mark @ CodeMacLife