I made a YouTube video.

I woke up early this morning because I could not sleep properly last night. I usually get myself in this state when I know I will be going back to work soon. It will soon be Monday.

I made a post on Twitter and Mastodon to show how I organise my blog schedule in Apple Reminders before the new year. As I was wide awake at 5:00am, I thought why not, I’ll make a video about the process of linking Apple Notes with Apple Reminders. It is only a short video. The video was posted on Twitter and Mastodon. And then I had an idea. I uploaded it to YouTube.

I reckon I will make a real tutorial of how I use Apple Notes and Reminders together for my content management process. I like both of them and they work offline, which is great for me where I live.

I posted a blog about my experience without gaming for a year.

I was meant to post the blog today but I couldn’t wait. I posted to my blog and Medium. I keep posting to Medium even though my monthly earnings are lucky to reach around $10. Maybe I need to post more of what was earning me larger amounts at the beginning?

Thanks for reading my post. 📝

This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

Mark @ CodeMacLife