The holidays are over.

It is that time when the holiday period is over. I go back to work on Monday. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my two-week break and the time with my family.

Back to normality. I spent today with the usual dad duties of taking my son to his basketball game in the morning. It was an earlier one, too. The game started at 08:30, so I had to make sure I set off at 07:30. I was not ready to be woken up by my alarm. I had the luxury of not having my alarm switched on for two weeks. Oh well. At least my son’s team won their first game of 2024.

The back to work jitters kicked in today. I love work, but I could do with another week off to get over all the festivities I attended.

Smart Lists in Apple Reminders

A smart list to show what blogging tasks I have in the next 7 days.

This afternoon, I had my weekly review, where I go through all my tasks and responsibilities for the upcoming week. I have managed to get many tasks ticked off in the past two weeks.

After watching a video on YouTube, I would give smart lists a try. I created three smart lists. One of them shows me what tasks I have coming up in the next seven days for a tag called blogposts. I have now pinned the smart list to the side panel, where I can keep an eye on the number of tasks I have to do for my blogging.

I want to utilise Apple Reminders as much as possible without overcomplicating it. Here is the YouTube video I watched by Proper Honest Tech:

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