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  • A brief look at how I use priorities and tags in TickTick

    ##Simple but effective use of TickTick keeps me on task. I have recently switched to TickTick from Apple Reminders due to accessibility issues on non-Apple devices and availability at work. All tasks added through Siri on my Apple Watch go into Apple Reminders and synchronise across to TickTick (a … read more

  • Bullet journaling in 2023 is still going strong for me.

    I am aware people on YouTube and other social media platforms say the bullet journaling craze is over. For me, it will never go away. The approach to bullet journaling has changed my life for the better. I am consistent with my journaling. I didn’t want my bullet journal to be inundated with work … read more

  • A Brief Introduction and Micro.Blog Aspiration

    Hi. My name is Mark. I work in the education sector within a SEMH setting (Social, Emotional and Mental Health). My background is in IT. I went to university in 2012 to retrain as a Primary teacher before settling with intervention teaching in a special educational setting by 2019. I live in England … read more