Hi. My name is Mark. I work in the education sector within a SEMH setting (Social, Emotional and Mental Health). My background is in IT. I went to university in 2012 to retrain as a Primary teacher before settling with intervention teaching in a special educational setting by 2019. I live in England in a rural area, south of Manchester, with my wife and son.

I started “officially” blogging at the start of 2023, but I actually dipped into it at the end of 2022. My target/resolution was to blog at least fifty times in a year. I reached that target quickly on my Medium blog.

The buzz word for 2023 was consistency because I wanted to create a positive habit of writing, taking better care of my mental/physical health, and reading more. I feel I have achieved all of these. However, I am under no illusion that these are not one-off targets. They will reside with me as I move into 2024.

My focus for 2024

Rolling into 2024, my buzz word will be commitment (many people call my buzz word a New Year’s Resolution). I will continue with the habits and routines I set out for 2023. In addition, I will ensure I have a higher level of commitment to what I believe in and want to pursue.

I have written for two previous posts under minimlr.com and codemaclife.com as well as my blog on Medium. I aspire to putting 100% in micro.blog for 2024 and see what the future holds. The community aspect of the platform excites me the most.

CodeMacLife.com on my old WordPress site.
CodeMacLife.com on my old WordPress site.

2024 will be the year I commit to the services and apps I believe will bring together the best of what I have learnt over the past few years. Moving towards, I am committed to centralising all of my blogging content on micro.blog, so I post once and distribute to multiple platforms I use for social media.

I am new to micro.blog, but I have been learning about the platform for a few months now. I am excited about micro.blog being my new home where I share my interests, passions, and ideas.

What will I blog about?

I attempted to keep to a niche this year. What actually happened was I found I had a lot to talk about, and restricting myself became disheartening and discouraged me from writing altogether.

As my username/domain suggests, I will write about coding, macOS-related news and life in general. However, this description is too broad, so I will reword it to — techie stuff, Apple-related stuff and other stuff to improve your life (maybe). 😂

Again, this is not the best description of what I write about. I write what I would want to read myself. My writing style is chatty and with a pinch of humour. I’m yet to take myself seriously as a blogger, so no professionalism will be found here.

My blog on Micro.Blog is looking plain.
My blog on Micro.Blog is looking plain.

Here is a general list of things I have written about in the past:

  • Minimalism
  • Digital minimalism/detox
  • Mental health
  • Journaling / Bullet Journaling
  • Applications (including reviews)
  • Posts of my app usage.
  • Social media
  • Fitness/health
  • A weekly recap of what I have used, viewed and reviewed.

What next?

I am learning how to use micro.blog, how to customise it, how to move content from my previous blogs, and what I want from the blog. Some areas will be working on in the background. Other parts will be added in the next two months.

I am not sure if I start afresh on micro.blog or transfer some of my most popular posts to the platform. The stats from my WordPress site were reaching over one thousand unique visitors and people stayed on my blog to read the content. I want this to be the case for my micro.blog account.

My domain, codemaclife.com, is in the process of being connected to codemaclife.micro.blog.

One feature of micro.blog I am most excited to use is the cross-platform integration. I need to set it up in order for my posts to appear on Medium, Tumblr, and Mastodon. I don’t have any ‘mainstream’ social media accounts because I am not a fan of them.

Anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. There will be many more to come over the years.

Mark at CodeMacLife

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