Rolling into 2024, my buzz word will be commitment (many people call my buzz word a New Year’s Resolution). I will continue with the habits and routines I set out for 2023. In addition, I will ensure I have a higher level of commitment to what I believe in and want to pursue.

I have written for two previous posts under and as well as my blog on Medium. I aspire to putting 100% in for 2024 and see what the future holds. The community aspect of the platform excites me the most.

2024 will be the year I commit to the services and apps I believe will bring together the best of what I have learnt over the past few years. Moving towards, I am committed to centralising all of my blogging content on, so I post once and distribute to multiple platforms I use for social media.

I am new to, but I have been learning about the platform for a few months now. I am excited about being my new home where I share my interests, passions, and ideas.

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