I spent the morning setting up Obsidian Sync, and Obsidian itself, across all of my devices. Obsidian.md is an impressive tool. Fingers crossed for the experience being a positive one. One month was spent with the core plugins only.

    Today, four community plugins were added.

    Happy times 😁

    Another nice feature of Upnote is the colo(u)r syntax for coding, which has made the experience of jotting down my web dev notes a pleasure to use.

    Upnote lets me know when a tag is open, too.

    I thought I would blog differently today. I’m using Upnote on Ultramarine Linux. It is a perfect combination to use when I am in the coffee shop.

    Upnote is great note-taking app with a one-off payment. It is affordable, fast and cross-platform.

    One Year of Twos!

    A chance encounter with an app changed how I write things down. I know I have mentioned this many times before, but I will briefly mention it again (briefly). At the start of 2023, I had a disastrous experience with a popular note-taking app, which meant losing an entire project for work. There was no way of recovering the data, and the app’s customer support had no way of recovering what I had lost either.

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    Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

    I have been using Apple Reminders to organise and plan out my blog posts during the month of December. Each task title links to my blog post in Apple Notes. It gives me quick access to where I have saved the draft blog post. Using Apple Notes to collect my thoughts on a post is a great approach for me. Some posts take longer than others because I sometimes suffer from a bit of writer’s block.

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    What would the ideal note planner app look like for me? (Part One)

    The perfect app does not exist, but I can dream of its existence…offline. This question is something I regularly ask myself. I have used a lot of note-taking apps, daily planners, to-do list managers, productivity all-in-ones, and even Microsoft Notepad. Often, they don’t stick, or I use them half-heartedly because I worry my full investment would make it harder to switch if I found something that caused a bump in the road.

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    A brief look at how I use priorities and tags in TickTick

    ##Simple but effective use of TickTick keeps me on task. I have recently switched to TickTick from Apple Reminders due to accessibility issues on non-Apple devices and availability at work. All tasks added through Siri on my Apple Watch go into Apple Reminders and synchronise across to TickTick (a feature still missing in Todoist). Luckily, TickTick has a nice import feature to transfer tasks and their attributes from Apple Reminders, including the location reminders and recurring settings.

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