I set myself a target of reading for 30 minutes per day and a target of six books this year within the Apple Books app.

    Apple Books is a great place to discover new books and audiobooks. I have also found some of the books I wanted to be cheaper than other eBook sellers.

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    Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

    I have been using Apple Reminders to organise and plan out my blog posts during the month of December. Each task title links to my blog post in Apple Notes. It gives me quick access to where I have saved the draft blog post. Using Apple Notes to collect my thoughts on a post is a great approach for me. Some posts take longer than others because I sometimes suffer from a bit of writer’s block.

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    I bought a MacBook Air M1 in June 2023. It was the best decision I made this year. I have found a new love for tech and it has encouraged me to write more. I find I am using my iPhone less because I can access most of my apps from my Macbook. In turn, I am not glued to my phone all day.