Waffles and tablets

Morning waffles

This morning, I thought it would be a good idea to test out my son’s waffle maker he received for Christmas. I thought this was a great idea as his friend was over for a sleepover.

Safe to say, the waffles went down a treat. A sugary one! I hadn’t realised how much vegetable oil went into making a waffle. Now I know why they have so many calories in them.

It was the first time I had ever made waffles. There’s enough mixture left to make waffles tomorrow morning. I’m sure I can help with eating them. 😁

Waffles and chocolate!

Booting up my Samsung Tablet

I am a big fan of Apple products and services, but I do have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite lying around. I bought it for reading before I received an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle last year.

I decided to boot my tablet, run the updates and spend thirty minutes reading my Essentialism book in the afternoon. I don’t understand why I don’t use the Samsung tablet more often because its seven-inch screen is perfect for reading, and it is comfy in my hand.

Samsung tablet with Nova Launcher / Nate Wren Icons.

Thanks for reading my post. 📝

Mark @ CodeMacLife