Less, but better

I started a deep dive read of Essentialism by Greg McKeown today. It is one of the books I want to read this year. The essence of the book focuses on reducing the number of things we say yes to, so we can focus on what is essential. In turn, we will become passionate and satisfied with what you value. Oh, and you will actually complete your goals.

I like the saying by Dieter Rams of Braun, who coined the saying Weniger aber besser, which is German for Less but better. Focus on fewer things, but do a better job of them. Quality over quantity every time.

I have spent two years applying this principle with the apps, services, chores I choose as well as what workload I am willing to accept.

Less but better - focused on quality over quantity.

January Challenge complete!

This morning, I got up and early and hit the cross trainer. Thirty-four minutes later, and I had reached the 10K I set out to achieve. This is slower than I usually take to complete a 10K, but it has been two months since I used my cross trainer.

The next step is to complete the Ring in the New Year limited challenge. It requires Apple Watch users to close their rings (move, stand, and exercise) for seven days in a row. I won’t attempt it until I go back to work, where I know I will be active all day.

Apple Fitness challenge for January 2024 completed!

Thanks for reading my post.

Mark @ CodeMacLife