The first day of the year is always the busiest. πŸ“

Like every year, I had plenty of commitments to carry out.

Two parties and a massive clearcut of the house today.

Since my self-imposed gaming ban at the start of 2023, I had been itching to play a game all year. Around the ten-month mark, I was tempted to give up and grab the controller. I resisted and kept my promise not to play any games for the following two months of the challenge.

Today, I was able to game. Of all the things I could have chosen, I dug out my son’s old Nintendo 2DS and booted up Super Mario Bros. 2. It felt so good to get back into something I enjoy so much.

Mario on the 2DS is incredible!

I am challenging myself to do more exercise and eat less fatty/sugary food in 2024. I am committed to completing all the Apple Fitness monthly challenges through my Apple Watch this year. It should be fun. I like the sense of achievement it brings.

Two challenges in January

There are two challenges in January. One requires me to complete my exercise ring twice over 1st and 2nd January. The other requires me to close all three rings for seven consecutive days in a row. I know I can do. Bring it on!


The plan is to update my blog with a Micro Journal. I want to write every day, even if it 500 characters. I have 365 more days to go for this particular challenge. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Thanks for reading my post.

Mark @ CodeMacLife