The Weekly Review — Issue 3

Apple Reminders woes, code, and more code

This week has been a quiet one. Not much has happened. Last week was challenging, so I wanted this week to be as calming as possible to recover. I managed to maintain my fitness routine, tidy up loose ends, and plan for next month.

The next two months will be focused on coding and well-being. I am not a fan of this season, as it is usually the season of illness. I have been lucky to be in good shape, but I don’t want to risk it.

Apple Reminders is buggy

Since Apple’s iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma update, Apple Reminders has been a nightmare for me.

The problem hasn’t been the new features. They work amazingly. I feel they were much needed for the application.

The issue is synchronisation. It was only an issue between my iPhone and Apple Watch. It was enough to cause havoc to my schedule, though.

To be specific with the issue, my Apple Watch was not picking up any of the changes to my tasks, nor was it deleting completed tasks. Each day, my tasks would pile up. I completed all my tasks on my phone, and they would not go away on my watch.

By the end of the weeklong, I had 47 uncompleted tasks as it added more tasks each day. This was a nightmare because I rely heavily on my Apple Watch. I was not receiving the right information or reminders when I required them. I don’t have access to my phone during the working hours.

It took me eight days to realise I should reboot my phone and watch. Immediately, my Apple Watch started syncing, and the completed tasks started to disappear. My existing tasks were added with all appending changes to them. Panic over!

This is the first time I have ever had issues with Apple Reminders. No way do I ever want to miss another deadline again after this episode.

Testing out coding notes in Apple Notes

I know this sounds crazy. I wanted to see how Apple Notes could cope with my coding notes. I have been using Upnote for my coding. Curiosity got the better of me. Apple’s recent updates have added new formatting options. The linking feature is a great one to include.

Originally, I thought you could only add links to existing notes you had made. How wrong was I! By adding a closing wicket (>>), it will bring up a drop-down menu of recent notes to choose from. Start typing to activate the searching for the note you need. If it does not exist, Apple Notes will suggest making a new note with the name you have typed. It will create a new note in your Notes folder, which can be moved to a convenient place at a later stage.

I am uncertain if I will switch from Upnote. However, the recent update has shown me Apple means business. The formatting is not as robust as Upnote’s offering. It does offer more than I expected.

I used colour formatting to highlight the difference between heading and body.
I used colour formatting to highlight the difference between heading and body.

100 Days of Code Challenge

I have decided to take up the challenge of coding for 100 days. I’ve tried and failed on multiple occasions to start this challenge. There comes a time when I simply need to develop the habit of coding each day if I want to achieve my goal of becoming a full-stack web developer.

I signed up for a course on Udemy by Dr. Angela Yu called The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp.

I have put the course off while I put into the habit of writing and blogging. Likewise, I am not good at creating multiple habits at once. I wanted to focus on my writing, health and finances for the start of the year.

The course is going well so far. There’s plenty to keep me busy, and I feel a lot more confident going into the course after my coding experiences at work this year.

Posted this week

Although I said I would not post any blogs (apart from my Weekly Review), I ended up submitting two to Medium and a daily journal of my coding challenge. Here’s the two I posted this week:

As stated on my Medium post, I will not post each day on Medium. Daily updates will go on my personal website’s journal page. However, I might post some significant updates on here.

Two on Twos

Random memes I found in my gallery by Trobo

Who doesn’t like a good meme? I like a good meme or pun. These made me chuckle, even the coding ones (which I understood).

Bucket List by Twos Joe

I really need to create my own bucket list. I have a few things I would like to achieve in life. Web development is one of them. A second trip to Jamaica was another one. I guess I will tick off another next year when I visit Mexico. Visiting the Mayan pyramids has been an ambition of my mine for some time now.

Saved articles

The Fallacy of collaborative note-taking | Reflect App blog

  • I always worry about what I write on any service that can be shared online or does not save locally. What if someone else accesses it? I feel like I don’t write what I really want to write due to my paranoia of my private information appearing online.

Beginner’s Guide to Second Brain: Get Started | Tool Finder

  • Here is a clever collection of information about Building a Second Brain on Tool Finder. It explains Tiago Forte’s concepts and links them to apps that can achieve the desired outcome.

YouTube bookmarked

The Ultimate Apple Productivity System: Can It Be Built? By Carl Pullein.

  • I think this video has come at a good time. I am fully in the Apple ecosystem and use their apps daily. I do think they offer a genuine productivity solution, even if some elements have to be performed manually.

Thank you for reading my weekly review. Coming back next Friday for more updates. This is one of many to come.

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