The first 10 days of signing up to Medium’s Partner Program

I wasn’t expecting to do so well.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

It has been ten days since I signed up to Medium’s Partner Program, where you monetise your writing material. As stated in my first post about signing up, I said I hoped my adventure with the platform would grow. I did not expect the earnings and following to increase within 10 days.

I signed up on 25th August with no expectations of earning anything significant. Maybe that is the pessimism in me? It was a weird time to sign up, as the earnings are grouped into months, so I only had one week to gain any money from my writing. I wanted to round my earnings up to 10 days to make sure I gave the program enough time to get going.

So, how did I do in the first ten days?

  • August (26th — 31st) 2023 = $9.63 (£7.65)
  • September (1st — 3rd) 2023 = $14.07 (£11.17)

That’s a total of $23.70 (£18.82), which is more than I ever expected from such an early stage in the Medium Partner Program. I wanted to earn enough to pay for my Medium subscription and possibly, my Ulysses subscription, too ($108.26 / £85.98 combined). I’m already close to 22% of achieving my goal. I can’t thank those who have read my content enough. Seriously. Furthermore, Medium for taking this possible.

What is driving the traffic?

I have one article in particular that is driving readers and earnings. It is called — Five apps I use every day to organise my life (2023 Edition). In the post, I talk about how I use Apple Calendar/Reminders/Notes, Upnote and Day One journaling app every day. I love the simplicity of each of these apps. These five apps are simple enough for me to use to consistently and with confidence.

I am hoping the sixth app mentioned at the end of my post will drive enough attention to it because it is certainly a great app for anyone who wants to keep organised and remember the important things in their life.

The post for that app comes out tomorrow. I can finally reveal that the app is called…Twos App. I hope you take the time to read my post as I discuss the app, the pros as well as the cons of using Twos in your daily routine.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Mark @ CodeMacLife.