I’ve joined Medium’s Partner program

Why not get rewarded for something I love doing?

Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

Today, I signed up for Medium’s Partner Program. I was waiting to get to my one hundredth follower before signing up, but Medium has changed the criteria. I am pleased about that, even if I am nearly there (99 followers as of this post).

Writing on Medium has a joy. I love the writing element as well as reading on the platform. The community provides so much insight into a large array of topics. This is what keeps me coming back each day to read. My average reading time has significantly shot up since signing up to Medium. I consume less YouTube connect, less social media content and a lot more reading.

I’m not expecting to buy a house with the Partner Program, but if I could achieve any of the following, I would be a happy person:

  • Goal 1: Earn enough to pay for my annual Medium subscription.
  • Goal 2: Pay for my Ulysses subscription.
  • Goal 3: Buy my son the Xbox Series X he keeps pestering me for.

The process of signing up wasn’t too bad. I had to dig out a bit of information and read through plenty of fine print. Other than that, Medium and Stripe have made the process relatively easy.

Anyway, I hope this new adventure with Medium grows with each year. I am sure looking forward to what the future holds on the platform.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

Mark @ CodeMacLife