My Digital Detox — 1 week update

I have been productive for the first in seven days because I disconnected from the digital world.


It’s been a week since I started my digital exodus. In that time, I have written and published eight blog posts, submitting them on my website and Medium.

I have also drafted eight more posts. Usually, this amount of writing would take weeks. The time away from social media, YouTube and any other item I listed in my original post had given me the time to focus on what I valued.

I’ve got an idea to consolidate all my notes about digital minimalism into a small eBook. I’m uncertain if it would be a free PDF on a website or an actual eBook to download from Amazon (I know — dream big!). I guess it depends on how big of a project it becomes. I even made a mock-up of a front cover for it.


Moreover, I have been able to read what I had planned to read. I don’t mean read and take notes. I mean reading for pleasure. Sitting down and getting deep into a book that relaxes me. There was no highlighting, either. Just simple read and reflect afterwards, and not in my journal. If I want to go back to the book for note-taking, I will when I am ready.


The time away from the online world freed up time for focusing on my health. I purposely went to bed before 10pm, exercised for an additional fifteen minutes, and meditated each day without fail.

My recent discovery of the Streaks Workout app has prompted me to sneak in a few additional workouts when I can. I like the routines on the app and how it links between my iPhone and Apple Watch. The fact no equipment is needed is an added bonus.


I think there was only one part in the week when I wanted to check out a video on YouTube about using Ulysses for writing. Like I said, I would find the act of staying away from the video platform harder than anything else on my list.

In addition, I wanted to watch a video on Tiago Forte’s PARA system. I received an email (desktop app, of course) to say he had posted about the PARA system on YouTube. I was tempted, but I abstained from going online to view it.


I managed to listen to MKBHD’s Waveform episode about X social media (fka Twitter) as well as an Apple Insider episode about the latest things happening at Apple.

Listening to podcasts often happens when I am travelling in my car. This week, though, I thought I would try listening while sketching on my iPad. I love drawing because it relaxes me. Listening to a podcast and doodling on my iPad might be one of my new best things to do.

Future updates

I plan to write an update each week on my digital detox progression. My digital detoxes have become routine now. I usually go through two a year.

As always, thank you for reading.

Mark @ CodeMacLife