A new website for a new beginning


Last week, I announced I was sunsetting Minimlr and starting something new. That ‘new’ was CodeMacLife. Yesterday, I finally published my new website codemaclife.com where I will be starting afresh.

Some previous blog posts from minimlr.com will make it onto this website. I will be selective and choose what is relevant. My actions to dip in and out of social, blogging and the general inconsistencies I have chosen has meant I have lost a lot of followers and engagement. I totally understand. Why invest time with someone who randomly disappears and ‘re-invents’ themselves if things don’t go well.

Commitment and consistency

I am committing to a 5-year plan that will be myself committing to my ‘personal brand’ (whatever that means). I’m not going anywhere. I am running a personal blog, not a brand. This is going to be a slow burn project where I will learn to love writing again. Writing is a tedious thought but I know consistency will help me learn to enjoy the artistic craft of capturing the reader’s imagination and thoughts.

A new colour palette

When I say new, I am really saying I have added a bit of colour to my website (one colour). As much as I love the use of black and white, an ascent colour offers additional style and a new way of stylistic expression. The yellow I have chose, #ffcf59, represents the cheerful warmth and energised tone I want to set for it. I signifies positivity, growth and enlightenment.

Inspiration for the theme

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Part of my family come from Manchester, England. They were born and raised there. I remember my childhood exploring this fascinating city with a deep passion for music, football and food. Their culture and pride is like nothing I have seen anywhere else.

The Manchester worker bee symbolises the Manchester poetically. It dates back to 1842 and represents the relentless work ethic of the people in Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. Even today, Manchester is a busy place, buzzing with people who work night and day. It is a hive of activity and unity.

My website’s colours are testament to my heritage and the place I call my second home. I taught in Manchester, went to university in Manchester and socialise there. My current place of work is five miles from the centre of Manchester and borders a Mancunian town.

Work in progress…

Like I mentioned in this post, content and features will slowly appear as I work on little aspects of it each day. Some parts of minimlr.com will be re-introduced. I am looking to improve on the site’s engagement features, spend time on quality content and create graphics that integrate with the style I want to portray.

Most of my posts from Medium.com will be posted on my website because I see the reach is limited on here if people do not subscribe.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Mark @ CodeMacLife