Sunsetting Minimlr + Life update

Minimlr will be no more.

Hi. It’s Mark aka Minimlr. Just a quick life update and changes moving forward. I have decided to make some radical changes over the next few months. I’ve completed my coding course and passed. It has given me time to reflect on what I want to focus on in the future.

Software-wise, a lot has changed.

  • I bought a MacBook Air M1
  • I use Apple’s own calendar, reminders and notes
  • I am still using Twos and Upnote.
  • I appear to be spending a lot of time in Visual Studio Code at the moment.
  • My Chromebook died (reason for buying the MacBook)
  • I have decided to leave the whole Google ecosystem and close my Google Workspace account (long-term target)

Why am I sunsetting

At the start, the whole minimlr blog was, for me, to start writing about minimalism and mindfulness. It sounded fun but I soon realised there were so many other things I wanted to write about. I thought I had boxed myself into a niche I don’t want to be writing about all the time. Also, I have changed as a person in the time I created the ‘brand’, as it were. Looking back, my posts were more about productivity, software and note-taking, digital minimalism, minimalism and life in general. It’s actually broad when I look back. By changing my scope and writing about what I care about, I will write more and do it frequently.

What is changing?

will be changing my username / bio to CodeMacLife. It’s a little cheesy I know, but hear me out. This change makes it clear about who I am, what I write about and what direction I want to move in.

Code. Mac. Life.


- There will more emphasis and interaction with those in the tech/coding community. I will be posting about my coding and what I am currently working on. I think I might start the #100DaysofCode again.


This part is quite self-explanatory. I love my Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. I will be posting about my use of them and how I use the native software as well as other software on these platforms, including how I use Twos across the Apple ecosystem. Spoiler: It’s awesome!


This part is interesting because I get to write about everything I did with the minimlr handle. It will include minimalism, essentialism, digital detoxes, loving life away from the keyboard, mindfulness and much more.

One last thing…

It was probably the hardest thing to do but I have created a new Twitter account (I know, the shame!). Although I disagree with the handling and policies of Twitter, there are a lot of valuable resources for coding, web development and more importantly…the Twos community. ✌🏻

My Twitter handle is CodeMacLife.