Did you know you can import an article into Apple Books? I have been using it to read articles later and annotate. I am able to create collections for different topics.

    The benefit of separating my bullet journal into a personal and work notebook means I can focus on one or the other without distraction. Occasionally, I will have an anchor reference between each notebook for anything important I need to be aware of (known as threading).

    13.01.2025 SAT — Plenty of writing

    Today, I went along with the usual routine I have every Saturday — running my son to all of these different clubs.

    I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start writing about using the Twos app for one year. I managed to write 2222 words within an hour. Pretty impressive by my standards. This includes proofreading and editing.

    Creating the images for the blog post took longer than writing the post. I used to use Canva for my image creation. Unfortunately, that subscription had to go because I was unwilling to pay £10 per month.

    Anyway, I booted up Pixelmator Pro and started creating the images. Pixelmator Pro has many cool features and tools, especially the ability to remove backgrounds from the images I import.

    Here’s a sneak preview of the cover image I created for next Tuesday’s blog post. The background was downloaded from Unsplash.

    The reading challenge is going strong. I am racking up thirty minutes each day. In fact, I look forward to reading because it gives me a break from everything else. The genres I choose are limited, so I will make sure I try something different in the year. There is a possibility of selecting a horror book because I have only read two in my life.

    I’m falling behind on publishing a Weekly Review for Monday. There is a chance I will be able to compile something by Monday. Sunday afternoon could be a window to create something in preparation for the start of the week.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

    This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    12.01.2024 FRI — A positive week at work

    The working week went better than expected

    There was no doubt that the week was going to be a successful one, but you never know what could happen. I have to say it was a great week at work. Tiring, busy, and exhausted by the evenings.

    It was the first week to test out my new Bullet Journal for work. By eliminating the clutter and keeping my notebook barebones, I was able to focus on what matters. It has helped me keep an eye on what I had on each day. January is all planned out, with February entries trickling in as each day passed by. All good vibes here.

    All the tasks I needed to complete this week were checked off. Files, folders, documents were updated as required. I am proud of myself for what I have achieved this week. With all honestly, I don’t remember a time when I have been so organised and motivated to get everything completed.

    A brisk walk in the countryside

    After school, I was able to go on a brisk walk for thirty minutes. Seriously, why have I not thought about doing this sooner? I stumbled across an abandoned bear on the local bench during my walk. It looked perfectly placed, like it was intentionally left there for local walkers to admire.

    The bear with no name.

    Stoic app update

    I am still loving my experience with the Stoic app. I have successfully recorded eighty-four consecutive days of use. Furthermore, I am six days off achieving the one hundred day badge. That will bring my total badges to twenty-one. Earning rewards through using an app is usually not my thing, but on this occasion, I see these badges as milestones for my commitment to writing. There are roughly 19.3K words recorded in Stoic.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    11.01.2024 — BuJo for work

    I decided to separate my personal bullet journal for work because I wanted to make sure my personal stuff to stay, well, personal and private.

    The start of 2024 I set up a new Bullet Journal (BuJo) for work with all the key information.

    • Key dates, including holidays.
    • Training days.
    • Additional CPD events.
    • Meetings.
    • Weekly goals/task.
    • Collections (projects).

    The process is tedious at first. I have found, through experience, to remove the parts of the BuJo system I don’t need in work. This allows me to take sure I only choose what is essential and eliminate the clutter.

    My blue BuJo for work - from Tesco.

    I was going to spend above £30 for a work BuJo. Luckily, I found the local Tesco (UK shop) had some dotted notebooks with 100gsm paper for £10. I am more than happy with what I have within.

    It’s the first time I have seen a retail company like Tesco supply this type of notebook. It is clearly geared towards the BuJo community. Furthermore, it even has dedicated index pages and a wallet at the back to support loose pieces of paper.

    Future log supports events tasks throughout the year.

    Most of my bullet journal is set up. I made sure I spent time filling in the future log with all the key dates and upcoming department meetings.

    My first collection (project) was created, too. I plan to make a significant update to the school’s website because I want the student area to be full of useful information and resources.

    I always refer to the following video by Ryder Carroll when setting up my BuJo. It is a quick tutorial for getting the basics right.

    I also record information into the Twos app because I like to have a digital companion. Twos is the closest thing I have found to the bullet journal in digital form. I use lists for my collections, and I take advantage of Siri to quickly capture a note or task. I find Twos is better for referencing and bookmarking websites I find. I would rather not spend my time writing out URLs into my work BuJo.

    If you are interested in trying out Twos for your digital Bullet Journal, use my referral link to get 200 additional coins towards some Pro features such as AI, tags, templates, alerts, highlighting, hyperlinks, custom themes, focus timer, and much more.

    Referral link: https://www.TwosApp.com?code=codemaclife

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    10.01.2024 — Hiding behind a logo

    Social media identity

    Working in education has a few drawbacks. One of them is the paranoia of being online when parents, carers, or students could find your account. Everything posted could be used against you.

    I don’t want that to happen to me, but it is a reality I must acknowledge.

    I wouldn’t post anything that would cause offence (not knowingly) because it is not in my nature to be like that. However, schools have strict policies in place to safeguard their students and staff members.

    This week, our school leadership emphasised that our social media profiles should be completely locked down and set the private. It is in the policy, after all. This is difficult for me, as I want to build up a presence online and connect with others with similar interests.

    My personal Facebook account is locked, and my name has changed on the site. I have set my Twitter account to private. The next phase is to find behind the logo I created. I feel people are more likely to follow someone with a face because the connection feels more genuine than following someone with a logo. I could be wrong.

    I’m not going to set my Mastodon account private just yet. Not only that, but I doubt the students even know what Mastodon is, let alone how to navigate through the instances. Again, I will get the profile picture to my logo.

    Longest streak in Apple Books

    Today I broke my longest reading streak in Apple Books. It is nothing spectacular. I haven’t used Apple Books as a serious option for reading in the past. I want to read throughout the year to see if I can claim 365 days of reading on the app. I started on 2nd January, so I can’t claim the whole 366 days this year.

    9-day streak on Apple Books.

    Nine days is my highest streak with Apple Books. I get my reading target for 30 minutes each day. I go past the thirty-minute mark if the book is interesting.

    At the end of the year, Apple run a feature that highlights how many books you have read, how many minutes in total, including how many books you read against your book target. I have chosen to go with six books in Apple Books. I believe I am on track to beat that goal.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    09.01.2024 TUE — The Weekly Review is back!

    The Weekly Review is back.

    I fell off the blogging horse at the end of 2023 due to work commitments and other things going on in my life. I had to focus my attention to what was essential. My energy levels were tested at the time and I needed to reserve them for the task in hand.

    Anyway, I have returned with issue 8. In this post, I mentioned how I was using micro.blog for my blogging, what my buzz word for 2024 was going to be, and what other writing commitments I had undertaken.

    Links: CodeMacLife blog | Medium

    In the book, Essentialism, Gregory talks about going BIG on the essentials. It asks the reader to do less but better. Writing is what I have chosen to ‘GO BIG’ on this year. This doesn’t mean I will be posting lengthy articles each day. My plan is to strengthen my writing, induct myself into online courses and use a thesaurus for once.

    Ulysses app is working with Medium!

    Yay. I was starting to get worried but uploading to Medium was a no-go for a few weeks. I subscribed to Ulysses for the ease of uploading to Medium and micro.blog (and WordPress of subscribing). Well, you will be glad to know posting to Medium via Ulysses is now working.

    Trivial, I know, but the process of manually coping my content into Medium’s web browser interface took more time than I was willing to commit to, especially when I have to post in several places.

    Luckily, micro.blog allows me to post on their platform, and it simultaneously posts on Tumblr and Mastodon. Very handy indeed.

    Ulysses is posting to Medium now!

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    The Weekly Review — Issue 8

    Hello and Happy New Year. This is my eighth weekly review, and it has been long overdue. I apologise for the lengthy absence. The weeks leading up to the festive holidays are always the busiest in a school. I focused my energy on completing what I needed to do with my work and got enough rest during my two-week break.

    What have been up to?

    My new website on Micro.Blog

    I have migrated my website to micro.blog and I love it. It is minimalist in design and features. Just perfect for what I need. At present, I have gone for the $5 per month entry to the service, but I can see myself extending to the premium service, which offers a newsletter service, posting short videos, and podcasting.

    Another cool feature is the ability to bookmark articles and highlight the text, just like I can in the Kindle app or Apple Books. I want to give it a few months of using micro.blog before deciding on any further adjustments.

    My site is already gaining traction. There’s at least a thousand visits to my site as of the time of writing this post. I like how Tinylytics records what countries are visiting my site. The selection is broader than I originally imagined.

    Over 1000 visit to my site in two weeks.

    If you click on the about page, it will have most of the important links on that page. Micro.blog also allows you to record what books you are reading, what you have read as well as what you want to read. The books I have can be fund linked on my page called The Bookmarks. This area also lists the apps and services I am currently using. Please check it out.

    My buzz word for 2024 and social media commitments

    You could call it a New Year’s resolution. Instead, I call it a buzz word. A word I want to focus my attention on. In 2024, I want my buzz word to be commitment.

    What am I committing myself to?

    I would like to ensure I post one Weekly Review each week. It wouldn’t be a weekly review if I didn’t post weekly, after all. This year, my post will come out on a Monday because it will give me time to proofread and edit over the weekend. I was finding the deadline of Friday difficult to achieve each week.

    I am committed to posting to Twitter (X), Mastodon, Twos and Tumblr each day. (Click on the links to go to my profile on these sites.)

    I want to at least post twenty-five quality posts on Medium. I achieved over sixty posts on Medium last year. Only twelve of them got any real viewership. Those were the post I had spent the most time writing. I want to reach that standard in 2024.

    Other writing news

    I set myself a challenge of completing a #100DaystoOffload where I journal for 100 days straight. To be honest, I plan to write and post something every day on my personal blog. I don’t think it will be anything Medium worthy, but enough to share with the public.

    I created a new category on my website called Micro Journal. If you click on this link, you will be able to follow what I post each day (if you want to).

    Posts I have written this week

    Five days of NOTHING!

    My Favourite Place

    Using Apple Reminders to organise my blog posts

    One Year without Gaming

    Other posts can be viewed on my website - https://codemaclife.com. These are similar to tweets or toots. All of my posts on Medium can be viewed on my website.

    Twos on Two

    Lessons from All in Startup book by CFitter

    I have seen many clever ideas fail to take off because they do click with customers. I’m paraphrasing Michael Bublé here, but anyway, here goes - “If you your music doesn’t emotionally connect with your audience, you are going to be alone singing in your bathroom mirror”. The point I’m trying to make is there is no point creating something that no-one will buy into. Even now, I think Apple’s Vision Pro will be a flop. It looks impressive, but who actually needs it? The same could be said about crypto.

    Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) by Parker

    I’ve had this book on my radar for some time now. Parker was kind enough to share his notes about Elizabeth’s unique perspective on creativity. I haven’t read the book yet. However, I am aware EG covers inspiration for creativity. I am curious to see what is meant by ‘strange jewels’ that Elizabeth talks about.

    Saved articles

    Bookmarked Media

    As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    08.01.2024 MON — Back to work I go.

    Back to work

    As expected, I did not get the sleep I wanted last night. I felt it this morning as I woke up lightheaded. Work, itself, went better than I expected it. The students were not in, so we had a busy timetable of training courses throughout the day.

    Tomorrow is when the real work starts. I’m excited about my computing lesson because I am teaching the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. I will refresh my knowledge of both in the morning before the lesson starts.

    A new approach to my iPhone Home Screen

    Two things to report: I rearranged my Home Screen in a way I have never done so in the past, and two, I installed the Mail app.

    New iPhone Home Screen configuration

    I created two new folders in the dock. The first folder, called Write, has everything I use to write my blogs, journal, or record for work. The second folder, called iLife, has the most frequent Apple apps I use regularly.

    I decided to install Apple Mail on my phone. I haven’t used an email client on my phone for years. Not only that, but I don’t want to get caught up with being communicated with via email. The reason behind it is my son’s bus service informs me when he has got on the bus and off it. I do not have work email on my phone. For a start, I am not allowed due to work policy. I also don’t want my work responsibilities creeping into my personal life.

    I have no idea if these changes will work, but I want to give it a try.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    07.01.2024 SUN — The Day before tomorrow.

    The holiday is truly over.

    I spent three hours preparing work-related things for the next seven weeks. There was plenty of to do. It all got done, and I feel much better for knowing what I have in store for me going back to work. Still, I have those pre-work jitters where I know I won’t have undisturbed sleep. It happens every time I go back.

    I am excited to meet with my colleagues tomorrow morning. That is one thing I appreciate about my workplace — I like my colleagues, and we work well together. We are more like a family that has each other’s backs.

    Clothes are ironed, lunches are packed, and my laptop is fully charged and ready to go!

    Donating blood

    Donating blood at Stockport County

    I started donating blood in 2018 (inconsistently), but then the pandemic happened. I went back to donating blood again, and I donated my tenth today. Even better, my donation was made at the stadium of the football (soccer) team I support — Stockport County.

    I would say the donation only took twenty-five minutes. I’m not saying I do it for the biscuits; however, there was a great selection of biscuits, crisps, and drinks after the donation. I went for the classic KitKat, followed by a childhood favourite — the chocolate orange Club.

    Reading progress

    I am 25% through my first book of the year, Essentialism, by Gregory McKeown. I am enjoying every moment of this book. It has made me think about what actually matters in my life and what is unnecessary clutter. I set a target of five books, but at this rate, I will smash my reading target for 2024.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

    This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    Time to donate blood again. This will be my tenth time and it is at the stadium of the football (soccer) club I support…Stockport County!

    A real win-win situation.

    06.01.2024 SAT — Back to normality

    The holidays are over.

    It is that time when the holiday period is over. I go back to work on Monday. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my two-week break and the time with my family.

    Back to normality. I spent today with the usual dad duties of taking my son to his basketball game in the morning. It was an earlier one, too. The game started at 08:30, so I had to make sure I set off at 07:30. I was not ready to be woken up by my alarm. I had the luxury of not having my alarm switched on for two weeks. Oh well. At least my son’s team won their first game of 2024.

    The back to work jitters kicked in today. I love work, but I could do with another week off to get over all the festivities I attended.

    Smart Lists in Apple Reminders

    A smart list to show what blogging tasks I have in the next 7 days.

    This afternoon, I had my weekly review, where I go through all my tasks and responsibilities for the upcoming week. I have managed to get many tasks ticked off in the past two weeks.

    After watching a video on YouTube, I would give smart lists a try. I created three smart lists. One of them shows me what tasks I have coming up in the next seven days for a tag called blogposts. I have now pinned the smart list to the side panel, where I can keep an eye on the number of tasks I have to do for my blogging.

    I want to utilise Apple Reminders as much as possible without overcomplicating it. Here is the YouTube video I watched by Proper Honest Tech:

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

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    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    05.01.2024 FRI — YouTube and Blogging.

    I made a YouTube video.

    I woke up early this morning because I could not sleep properly last night. I usually get myself in this state when I know I will be going back to work soon. It will soon be Monday.

    I made a post on Twitter and Mastodon to show how I organise my blog schedule in Apple Reminders before the new year. As I was wide awake at 5:00am, I thought why not, I’ll make a video about the process of linking Apple Notes with Apple Reminders. It is only a short video. The video was posted on Twitter and Mastodon. And then I had an idea. I uploaded it to YouTube.

    I reckon I will make a real tutorial of how I use Apple Notes and Reminders together for my content management process. I like both of them and they work offline, which is great for me where I live.

    I posted a blog about my experience without gaming for a year.

    I was meant to post the blog today but I couldn’t wait. I posted to my blog and Medium. I keep posting to Medium even though my monthly earnings are lucky to reach around $10. Maybe I need to post more of what was earning me larger amounts at the beginning?

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

    This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    I randomly made a YouTube video to show off how I use Apple Notes and Reminders to organise my blogging content.


    One Year Without Gaming 🎮

    Quitting gaming helped me refocus my attention on creativity

    At the start of the 2023, I set out on a quest to remove gaming from my life completely. I, personally, had doubts about it being a success because gaming had been a considerable part of my life and identity (sadly). However, I knew I had a problem with working on my priority tasks over gaming. “One more go,” I would tell myself. Or the classic — set a timer for twenty minutes and hit the repeat button enough times to rack up over two hours of gaming.

    I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I did anyway. I also continued to get stressed when I was behind on my work due to my lack of available time. Not only that, but I had lots of time, but I chose to waste it on gaming. Similar to the website I referenced in my first post, I thought about a 90-day game detox. However, three months would not be enough for me to complete the goals I wanted to achieve in 2023. I needed much longer than ninety days. Let’s go for the full 365 days!

    It’s called procrastination.

    It’s called procrastination, and I have a lifetime full of it. I completed plenty of jobs and projects in my day before the challenge, but I don’t enjoy it, even if I would benefit from putting in the effort. Procrastination, to me, is prioritising what I want to bring me joy over everything else. However, procrastination is not always a good action to take if it causes stress further down the road. There have been countless times when I have looked helplessly at the clock while staying up late to complete a piece of work that should have been done earlier in the day.

    How quitting gaming helped me refocus my attention on creativity

    I believe I have mentioned in another post somewhere I had put off the act of creating a blog for nine years. I went on a pursuit of happiness instead. Gaming, YouTube (of games), and listening to music were my preferred choice to chasing my aspirations. These habits were toxic for me. I don’t believe any of them are bad in moderation.

    To say I was bored throughout the year would an understatement. Boredom can be uncomfortable. Boredom can also open up your mind to becoming creative. I had read in several articles, books, and University lecture notes while studying pedagogy.

    No gaming left a void that was filled with creativity.

    With no game to turn to, I had one choice — look for something else to do. I spent hours researching how to blog, what platform(s) to use, and what skills would be needed. I signed up for a few courses and developed a style of blogging that I knew I could keep up consistently.

    I read a lot more than I have ever in my life. Furthermore, I drew ideas and thoughts from these books that fed into my blogging. There were more hours freely available to read the bookmarked articles I had stored up to through the years. Some articles were not relevant any more, so I deleted them. I even managed to clear the 48 articles I had saved on Medium.

    It’s remarkable what you can achieve when you make the time to follow your aspirations! Well. It has been a year since I posted that post (and the seventh month update).

    How did I do?

    The good news is I kept to my promise and stuck it out for a whole 365 days. I achieved something I knew would be the hardest challenge to date. I love gaming. It is the one thing I remember growing up and hanging out with my friends. We had our other adventures, bike rides, late-night kickabouts, but gaming always crept into the conversation.

    The hardest part was breaking a habit I had relied on for a long time. Time blocking and revisiting my note of how I was going to achieve my goals helped me massively. I wrote a personal journal about the experience, reflected daily, and kept a closer eye on the other goals I had on my list. The experience was difficult from the start. There was no rational reason why I should have chosen to game over my goals. Gaming would not help the process of gaining what I truly wanted.


    Yes. There were many temptations because I’m human, after all. Gaming had been a habit for more years than I would like to acknowledge.

    These temptations were directed at specific games, not gaming in general. In fact, it was three games I wanted to play: Minecraft (Java edition) on my MacBook Air; Forza Horizon 4 on my Xbox; and finally, Mario Wonder for the Nintendo Switch. I abstained.

    I was exposed to gaming through online posts, friends, and my son gaming at home. I decided to unfollow users on X (formerly known as Twitter) (sorry) and gaming topics because I would rather not read content that was not relevant to me. Bookmarked links in my browser were removed, and I made sure there were no games on any of the devices I used. Apple must have known because the top suggestions on the App Store were games. Nothing was ever creative or productivity related.

    My friends were understanding for what I wanted to achieve. Unfortunately, there were evenings when they all FaceTimed, and I was excluded. I was like the green bubble in the group.

    My son wanted to show me something he was doing on a game. These requests slowly reduced over the year as he sensed I did not want to be around him while he was gaming. I felt bad. I want to show enthusiasm in what my son finds interesting. He also missed the times we would game together. Now that the challenge is over, I can sit with him and play something like EA FC24 or Minecraft together.

    Around the tenth month mark, I started to get twitches. The gaming industry started spewing out new titles. My son made a list of what he wanted for Christmas. He mentioned what his friends were into and why X game was going to be a great hit in 2024.

    Office gaming setup in 2022

    Moving into 2024 — Will I start gaming?

    Absolutely! I have been excitedly counting down the days. I won’t, however, be going back to my old ways. The difference being I will be selective and schedule the time in on my calendar. I have chosen a Friday evening for a maximum of one hour. I consider it to be a reward for working hard through the working week.

    I will allow myself to have one game, preferably a puzzle game, on my iPhone. I’ve seen a few on Apple Arcade, but I haven’t decided which one I want to pick. Stitch looks like a good one to go with.

    On my Mac, I have decided to continue with Minecraft because it is one of my favourite games of all time. Survival, in particular, is the best option for me, as the challenge of playing on hard mode gives me enough endurance.

    I bought Super Mario Bros. Wonder for my wife and son. I want to try it out because they rave on about how good the game is. My wife, who is not a gamer by any means, has not put the Nintendo Switch down over the festive holidays. She absolutely loves this game and recommends it highly.

    Final thoughts

    Obviously, I can’t play all of these games at once. I am contemplating rotating them each week for variety. I’m sure there will be a time when I want to focus on a certain game. Either way, I won’t be going back to my old gaming ways.

    Limited, but accessible gaming is the way forward for me. There is no way I would go through with this challenge again. The challenge was a success and I can say I have achieved what I set out to prove I can focus on other things.

    My creativity, sleep, and motivation improved during the gaming challenge. I don’t want to let that slip in 2024.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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    04.01.2024 THU — Blogging and Ulysses hits a problem

    Ulysses has a problem

    Today, I managed to sit down and to write a blog that I plan to upload tomorrow. It is a post about my experience with not gaming for a year. I’ve kept it short (roughly five minutes to read). This post will be the first lengthy post of the year. I can’t believe it has been a year since I started to blog properly. In 2023, I managed to submit 63 posts on Medium.

    Here is my Medium link 👉 @CodeMacLIfe on Medium.

    Talking about Medium. I noticed an issue with uploading to Medium from the Ulysses app for Mac. I thought it was my internet connection because I had been having issues with my broadband provider recently.

    It turns out it is a Medium API issue with Ulysses. I’m not the only one to notice the problem. A fellow Blighty, Lewis Doyle, pointed out the same issue and reported that Medium had a problem. I paid the annual subscription for Ulysses, so I can’t cancel to get a refund. I would cancel because I went with the app as it uploaded to Medium. Fingers crossed the issue is fixed as soon as possible. If not, I might start looking at other options out there, including iA Writer.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

    This is part of my MicroJournal collection.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    I have switched to VSCodium from MS Visual Studio Code. I have the same experience, but without the telemetry.

    03.01.2024 WED — MicroJournal

    Waffles and tablets

    Morning waffles

    This morning, I thought it would be a good idea to test out my son’s waffle maker he received for Christmas. I thought this was a great idea as his friend was over for a sleepover.

    Safe to say, the waffles went down a treat. A sugary one! I hadn’t realised how much vegetable oil went into making a waffle. Now I know why they have so many calories in them.

    It was the first time I had ever made waffles. There’s enough mixture left to make waffles tomorrow morning. I’m sure I can help with eating them. 😁

    Waffles and chocolate!

    Booting up my Samsung Tablet

    I am a big fan of Apple products and services, but I do have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite lying around. I bought it for reading before I received an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle last year.

    I decided to boot my tablet, run the updates and spend thirty minutes reading my Essentialism book in the afternoon. I don’t understand why I don’t use the Samsung tablet more often because its seven-inch screen is perfect for reading, and it is comfy in my hand.

    Samsung tablet with Nova Launcher / Nate Wren Icons.

    Thanks for reading my post. 📝

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    02.01.2024 TUE — MicroJournal

    Less, but better

    I started a deep dive read of Essentialism by Greg McKeown today. It is one of the books I want to read this year. The essence of the book focuses on reducing the number of things we say yes to, so we can focus on what is essential. In turn, we will become passionate and satisfied with what you value. Oh, and you will actually complete your goals.

    I like the saying by Dieter Rams of Braun, who coined the saying Weniger aber besser, which is German for Less but better. Focus on fewer things, but do a better job of them. Quality over quantity every time.

    I have spent two years applying this principle with the apps, services, chores I choose as well as what workload I am willing to accept.

    Less but better - focused on quality over quantity.

    January Challenge complete!

    This morning, I got up and early and hit the cross trainer. Thirty-four minutes later, and I had reached the 10K I set out to achieve. This is slower than I usually take to complete a 10K, but it has been two months since I used my cross trainer.

    The next step is to complete the Ring in the New Year limited challenge. It requires Apple Watch users to close their rings (move, stand, and exercise) for seven days in a row. I won’t attempt it until I go back to work, where I know I will be active all day.

    Apple Fitness challenge for January 2024 completed!

    Thanks for reading my post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

    01.01.2024 MON — MicroJournal

    The first day of the year is always the busiest. 📝

    Like every year, I had plenty of commitments to carry out.

    Two parties and a massive clearcut of the house today.

    Since my self-imposed gaming ban at the start of 2023, I had been itching to play a game all year. Around the ten-month mark, I was tempted to give up and grab the controller. I resisted and kept my promise not to play any games for the following two months of the challenge.

    Today, I was able to game. Of all the things I could have chosen, I dug out my son’s old Nintendo 2DS and booted up Super Mario Bros. 2. It felt so good to get back into something I enjoy so much.

    Mario on the 2DS is incredible!

    I am challenging myself to do more exercise and eat less fatty/sugary food in 2024. I am committed to completing all the Apple Fitness monthly challenges through my Apple Watch this year. It should be fun. I like the sense of achievement it brings.

    Two challenges in January

    There are two challenges in January. One requires me to complete my exercise ring twice over 1st and 2nd January. The other requires me to close all three rings for seven consecutive days in a row. I know I can do. Bring it on!


    The plan is to update my blog with a Micro Journal. I want to write every day, even if it 500 characters. I have 365 more days to go for this particular challenge. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

    Thanks for reading my post.

    Mark @ CodeMacLife

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