100 Days of Code | Day 2

Files paths, boilerplate templates, and GitHub goodness

Today I learnt about the importance of absolute and relative file paths, including special characters such as single and double dots.

The first challenge was difficult because I had to get my head around the folder structure, so I knew where to find the images. Choosing whether to use single or double dots was the second challenge.

I appreciate VS Code trying to autocomplete the entry by showing me what was in each folder as I typed away. What I am more impressed about what the fact I remembered how to use the image element with an alt attribute without looking up my reference notes.

I ended up with a cute page of animals. Happy times!

Headings, images and descriptions using the relative file path.
Headings, images and descriptions using the relative file path.

Boilerplate template

An area I was uncertain about was the correct formatting of an HTML file. Most of the examples were outdated or had other content I did not understand. Angela’s example and explanation was easy enough to follow. I spent time testing myself by writing out the requirements without looking at the original example.

I made notes on the video using Apple Notes. Not only that, but I added the code and applied the mono-styling format to it, as I wanted to see how it would look like in Apple Notes. I chose two colours to highlight what is seen on the page and what is not shown (head vs body).

Add mono styled formatting to code in Apple Notes.
Add mono styled formatting to code in Apple Notes.

GitHub goodness

I watched the next video about creating a portfolio website using basic HTML. The idea is, I will create a basic portfolio using what I have been learning and share it on GitHub for everyone to see.

I plan to work on the portfolio tomorrow and create a GitHub account to add my basic website to it. I have previously used GitHub for a few tests, but it has been a year since using GitHub. I’m sure I will work out how to use it within the first ten minutes.

The project will include any existing projects I have completed, an About me page as well as a contact page.

Future updates

I will not post each day on Medium. Daily updates will go on my personal website’s journal page. However, I might post some significant updates on here. My GitHub update will be uploaded tomorrow (7th October 2023).

Thank you for reading.

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