100 Days of Code | Day 1

I have decided to take up the challenge of coding for 100 days. I’ve tried and failed on multiple occasions to start this challenge. There comes a time when I simply need to develop the habit of coding each day if I want to achieve my goal of becoming a full-stack web developer.

I signed up to a course on Udemy by Dr. Angela Yu called The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp.

I have already completed the first three sections of the course that has 47 sections to work through. Furthermore, I love the course and the projects are simple enough to keep focus and understand what is going on.

I will post daily updates on my website’s journal page — https://codemaclife.com/category/blog/journal/. The posts will be short. Maybe a few sentences with an image of what I have completed each day.

In the previous section of the course, I created a birthday card without any styling. As I progress through the course, I will go back to the birthday card project and update it with some fancy CSS.

Created in Microsoft’s VS Code.
Created in Microsoft’s VS Code.

I like Angela’s little Easter eggs she adds to the content. For example, the Google Maps link took me to a place is Japan where members of the public posed with pigeon masks on. Strange, but intriguing.

Tamagawa Aqueduct Greenway on Google Maps.
Tamagawa Aqueduct Greenway on Google Maps.

I am excited about the CSS and JavaScript sections. I have absolutely no experience of backend coding, let alone any knowledge of what jQuery is. I find it fascinating when I am learning something new. This course will certainly be an adventure for me.

Here’s to the next 99 days of coding!