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  • The Evernote Challenge (2023)

    The Evernote Challenge (2023) I have looked at many notetaking apps out there on the market. I have watched hours and hours of YouTubers showing off their Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMs) and how they spend their time with the application of choice. It’s interesting how people organise … read more

  • Why I am quitting gaming for 2023

    Originally published at https://minimlr.comon December 28, 2022. [UPDATE : 15th July — My post is now located on my new blog https://codemaclife.com] read more

  • 7 day challenge with an iPad 2022

    7 day challenge with an iPad 2022 After a number of YouTubers had documented their experience with using an iPad exclusively for a month I thought to myself — Could I even last a week with using an iPad exclusively? Apple appears to think so, if their 2018 ‘What’s a computer?’ ad is anything to go … read more

  • Thank you for your feedback.

    Thank you for your feedback. I watched the video and love the idea you can set how many times you want to access an app each day. Adding resistance between you and the app is a great idea. I like it. 🙏 read more

  • Why I quit social media!

    Why I quit social media! It was early December 2021 and I created a new Twitter account. This time it will be different, I told myself. No more spending large amounts of time on the platform. I will discipline myself to refrain from getting sucked in. This is not what happened at all. Photo by Adem … read more

  • New to Medium.com

    New to Medium.com Hi, Welcome to my first blog. After numerous years of contemplating, I have finally got around to starting a blog. I currently work in the education sector and specialise in Computing. Prior to this, I have fifteen years of experience working in the IT sector, supporting software … read more